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Defend your glorious planet in Space Invaders mobile slot by Playtech, featuring UFO ships!

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Space Invaders: A Blast From The Past! – Intro

Remember Space Invaders? Any 80’s kid would’ve spent hours destroying enemy spaceships and aliens as they descended upon the game’s 8-bit world. Well, Playtech has taken this classic arcade game from the 80s and transformed it into a remarkable new slot (also titled Space Invaders). Created in collaboration with the original inventor, Taito Corporation, this slot game stays true to all of the defining elements of the game.

Firstly, the features pay homage to the core mechanics of the game, which is to shoot down alien spaceships. The only difference is that you’ll win actual cash when this happens. Secondly, this slot game has preserved every audiovisual element that made Space Invaders the recognizable game that it is. 8-bit graphics, neon green spaceship, electronic sound effects… you’re in for a trip down memory lane.

About The Slot
The game is set in exactly the same way as the original arcade game. There’s a neon green cannon under the reels, locked and ready to shoot at any red aliens that fly across the top of the five reels. The reels are like that of any traditional slot. It’s three-by-five. Space Invaders features ten paylines that, amazingly, pay both ways.

Winning combinations can start on either the left or right hand side of the reels. Most other slots only pay from left to right. Essentially, you’ll enjoy almost twice the chances of winning in the base game of Space Invaders than most other slots.

Bets start at only 10p per spin. You could raise your bet to £24 per spin, which isn’t quite enough for some serious players. I wouldn’t say that the game excludes an entire demographic of heavy rollers though. I mean, which slot player doesn’t fancy a couple of mindless penny spins. It’s easy to get lost in this slot for ten minutes at a time, without once worrying about your casino balance. Besides, Space Invaders has relatively low volatility for a slot.

What this means is that players will enjoy a constant stream of little wins with very few “dry” streaks. This kind of game usually does well at sustaining a player’s bank balance, so that it never dips too low from where you started, no matter how bad your luck has been on a particular day.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Space Invaders is pixel perfect. In fact, Playtech signed a deal with the arcade game’s owner, Taito Corporation for rights to use the classic concept and style. The reels are covered in three different types of aliens, spaceships, flying saucers, monsters and planets. Purists may notice that the game’s does not keep to its original graphics. Indeed, Playtech upgraded the 8-bit graphics slightly, such that there is a little bit of depth to each symbol.

I’d say this is a necessary intervention, as the original look dates back to 1978. Besides that, Playtech also programmed the original infinite-loop soundtrack into this slot’s gameplay. Just as the electronic music sped up as you progressed in the original game, the slot’s music quickens its pace when you’re scoring fantastic wins in the UFO feature.

Finally, the game screen is tilted backwards to replicate the classic experience of playing at an arcade machine. You’d hit these realistic tactile buttons to increase or reduce your line bet and to hit spin. The amount of detail that the designer’s had thought through is simply amazing. The game definitely creates a sense of nostalgia in any kid that grew up in the 80s. Retro, iconic aliens.

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Game Features: Wilds Everywhere!
Old school games were always really simple. Pacman simply involved running around the maze; Asteroids had you destroying, well, asteroids while Space Invaders had you shoot at aliens. This slot game keeps to the whole retro theme closely in this respect. There are no extra spin rounds or mini games, elements that modern slots typically can’t do without.

Instead, Playtech dared to break modern slot convention and pare the slot down to the minimum. All you have to rely on is your trusty green cannon. Thank goodness this cannon earns you cash! First off, there’s the UFO feature. Whenever a red alien and a green cannon line up on the same reel, the cannon will blast extra wilds onto the reels. The explosion causes Wild symbols to spill all over the reels.

In theory, you could get up to nine free wild symbols on the board. I typically get around three to five Wild symbols at a time. Now that the game board is all set up for success, the game will automatically grant you one free re-spin. With so many Wild symbols around to complete winning paylines, you could easily win 60x your wager in a single spin! This UFO feature occurs quite regularly too, so you’re bound to enjoy a few of these nice hauls.

Secondly, there’s the Invaders Turn Wild feature. If the cannon lands on reels 2 or 4, any winning combinations that is made up of low-value symbols will be transformed into wild symbols. The Invader spaceship simply shot at these symbols and produced a huge boost in the payouts! What would otherwise be uneventful, small wins are now doubled! Besides the Invaders Turn Wild and UFO feature, the no wild symbols do not appear on the reels during a regular spin.

Space Invaders — Old Is Gold
Do you know you can still play Space Invaders online? You’d use a spacebar to shoot at aliens instead of the joystick on the arcade machine. Surprisingly, I got bored after about five minutes. It’s a wonder than I spent my childhood obsessing over simple games like Space Invaders, Pacman and the like. Once we start dabbling in the real stuff (real money slots), I guess it’s hard to turn back to games and only aim for high scores. If there’s cash to be won, why spend cash on virtual scores?

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8-bit graphics, neon green spaceship, electronic sound effects… you’re in for a trip down memory lane.

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