pay-by-mobile-optionsAny regular reader at this site knows that we often sing praises the of mobile depositing. But why wouldn’t we? Mobile deposits offer players a fast, easy and efficient way to fund their casino account, and you can’t really argue with that can you? However, for all the benefits of phone banking, some players are still hesitant to make the switch.

So, today, instead of simply bombarding you with more admiration for the method, we’re discussing some of the major ways in which you can get stung by mobile deposits. This includes being charged fees, bill shock and not being able to access great bonuses. Whilst these all sound horrible, with a little help you should be able to avoid anything going bad, and be able to enjoy mobile depositing once again!


Mobile Phone Billing Fees

Phone Billing Pound SymbolYou should never be charged any fees for making a mobile deposit. Most mobile billing in the UK is done using the Boku service, and they have very strict rules about making sure there you don’t get lumped with any extra charges. All transactions should be free, and even the SMS message you send to confirm the payment should be free of charge too.

If you’re experiencing fees for using mobile billing, these are coming from the casino themselves. Sometimes casinos add fees to their payment methods, and will take the money from your deposited funds.  This is a red-flag for us, and we’d strongly urge you to avoid using sites that do charge transaction fees.

Any casino worth it’s salt won’t add on extra charges, so it’s probably time to re-think where you’re playing. Why not check out our Top 5 Mobile Billing Casinos instead?


No Bonuses

welcome bonus at pocketfruityOne of the most disappointing things for mobile billing players is that some casinos don’t allow them to claim welcome bonuses or participate in promotions. We’ve thought long and hard about why they do this, because we think it’s simply unfair. Mainly, casinos operate this way as they know Boku payments have a maximum £30 deposit per day.

This means they’re already aware that you can’t spend too much cash and therefore aren’t willing to give you a reward. Casinos generally offer bonuses and promotions to entice you into spending more than normal, yet as mobile deposits have a strict upper limit, they won’t offer them to players who deposit in this way.

Perhaps they think that by restricting bonuses to depositing methods with a maximum deposit limits, they’ll manage to make you change how you bank and therefore will be able to spend more. However, mobile depositors should stand their ground. There are plenty of other casinos around that do allow mobile billing users to benefit from bonuses and promotions, so simply go elsewhere!

Just because you’ve registered to a casino doesn’t mean you have any obligation to deposit. If you’ve been pulled in by a welcome bonus, only to find it’s not offered to mobile billing players, then it’s time to change casino. You can read about the best casinos that do reward pay by phone deposits here.


Bill Shock

Man with Head in HandsBill shock is the term used when you’re stung by a bigger mobile phone bill than expected. In the regular world, this normally happens when you’ve been charged for ringing a premium number, been caught out by roaming charges or have exceeded your data allowance. However, we also use the term when it comes to online gaming.

If you’re depositing via Boku, one of the biggest advantages is that you don’t pay for anything until your monthly phone bill comes through. Whilst in theory this is a good thing, it can lead to people forgetting how much they’ve deposited at the casino during the month, and therefore feeling out of pocket when the bill comes through.

One of the best ways to avoid bill shock is to simply keep track of all of your deposits. Casinos normally offer a ‘deposit history’ page that you can check from day to day to keep an eye on your spending. We understand, however, that sometimes that’s easier said than done. If you think you can’t stick to a budget on your own, imposing a deposit limit on your casino account might be a good idea. This means that you won’t be able to spend over a certain amount, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

You may also experience bill shock if you’re phone is stolen or lost. Our phones are used for everything nowadays, so when yours goes missing, you become vulnerable to all sorts of further thefts. You should always treat your phone as carefully as you do your bank or credit cards. Whilst mobile deposits are completely safe, if you’ve left your phone unprotected, a thief could rack up a huge bill on your account.

The first step to prevent this is to always make sure you log out of the casino once you’ve finished playing. Secondly, adding a passcode to both your phone and your sim card is very important. Most new phones also allow you to add a fingerprint ID, meaning no one but you can unlock the phone.