saving money mobile depositsMaking payments on the go has never been more important. Improved mobile internet speeds and better mobile technology has meant that many of us want to bring more of our lives along with us on our mobile devices. If you’re a casino player, then playing at a mobile casino on the go is an extremely convenient way to enjoy your hobby while out and about.

But a mobile casino is more than just the games it hosts with players also needing reliable and easy to use mobile depositing methods so they can get the most from their mobile casino. In this list, we’ve broken down the top five mobile depositing methods players can use to game on the go. These methods include everything from mobile phone billing, to alternative mobile friendly banking options that’ll give each player a smooth experience at their mobile casino.


Boku Mobile — Star Of SMS Deposit Casinos

Boku Mobile is the most widely used premium SMS billing serBoku logovice in the world, accepted everywhere from casinos to online game console stores. The service allows for depositors to charge any transactions they make to their mobile phone bill, in much the same way as if they’d made a phone call. Pay as you go customers will have the charge instantly taken from their available phone credit, while contract users will have the charge added to their end of the month phone bill.

One of the strengths of mobile depositing is that there are no additional charges to any deposits you make. Whatever you pay to your casino goes straight to them and there’s no hidden charges added by your mobile network provider. Your minimum deposits are also far lower than with any other depositing method. Many casinos will allow you to deposit using your mobile phone from as low as £3, well below the £10 that other depositing methods require. You can play at your casino very cheaply with mobile phone billing and the lack of additional costs only adds to that saving.

Boku Mobile also comes with a coDeposit Using Boku mFortune Casinouple of features which make the already simple process even more streamlined. Once you use the Boku service once, any time you use it again in future, Boku will automatically input your mobile number. What was already a minimal amount of information required to use mobile depositing is reduced to null as you don’t even have to remember your phone number to use the service.

Boku’s ability to track you across multiple sites does have its downsides, or upsides depending on how strict of a budget you want to keep. Mobile depositing comes with a £30 depositing limit per transaction as standard. Boku Mobile sets this £30 as your daily depositing limit, so regardless of how many separate transactions you make, you’ll be prevented from spending over £30 a day.

If you’re a player who likes to spend a little extra at the casino, then Boku might be rather restrictive for your needs. However, if you like to keep an eye on your bankroll, then the convenience and safeguards of Boku Mobile depositing makes it among the best choice for you when paying into your casino.


Payforit — Great For Some

PayforIt logoPayforit is a far more open version of the mobile phone billing payment platform. Functionally, it works similar to Boku, allowing casino goers to use premium SMS depositing in order to charge any deposits to their mobile phone bill. But ironically, Payforit benefits from having less features than Boku.

Payforit doesn’t store a payer’s mobile number, so every time a payer transitions between casinos and makes a mobile payment, they’ll have to type in their mobile phone number each time, as Payforit won’t remember it. Even consecutive payments on the same casino won’t be recalled by the Payforit payment system. Although this is certainly less streamlined than Boku, is does greatly open up your payment options.

Without remembering how much you’ve spent, Payforit payers have no overall depositing limit. Depositors are still restricted to £30 per transaction, but they are able to make as many transactions as they want, without any overall depositing daily limit. Payforit is perfect for players who will happily sacrifice some convenient creature comforts for freedom over their depositing choices. And you still get all of the benefits that mobile phone depositing comes with, so you get that same great payment platform, with a few extra freedoms on top of it.


Trustly — Stay Put For UK Availability

Trustly isn’t fully available in the UK at this very moment, althTrustly Logoough it is available to UK players on certain casinos. For the rest of us, there’s good news as Trustly just opened a UK headquarters in July and have promised full UK support within the year. Even though it’s not available right now, Trustly is a mobile depositing option to look out for, as it offers one of the easiest and most streamlined e-wallet services out there. For any European readers, you’re already in luck as Trustly has already been available in 21 EU territories for the last few years.

Trustly offers a mobile depositing and withdrawal service that connects straight to your bank and is all handled from your mobile phone. There’s no messing around with an online wallet or any middle steps. When you sign up with Trustly, you connect your bank account with your Trustly account and then the job is done. When you get to the casino and make a deposit, you simply log in using your details, select which bank account you want to pay from and then make a payment. It’s that simple.

Trustly Map

You can set up multiple bank accounts to work with a single Trustly account, so Trustly effectively acts as a hub for all your bank accounts, but from one single online service. Given this huge financial responsibility, Trustly also comes with the best fraud and encryption protection in the business, offering the same level of security that any bank could offer. Every payment is authorised by responding to an SMS, much like how premium SMS depositing confirms payments. That means that you’ll be the only person able to confirm payments as you’ll always get a text warning you of a transaction being made, every single time Trustly is accessed.

If you wanted the convenience of mobile phone bill depositing, but the ability to have a much higher bankroll on each payment, whilst retaining the same functions as a premium SMS depositing service, then Trustly is the mobile banking option for you. It’s simple to use, very secure and allows you to access any of your bank accounts from your mobile phone in an instant. Plus like all other e-wallets, it offers a two way payment system, so you can both deposit and withdraw into your bank account, without having to find alternative options when it comes to withdrawing, like you do with pure mobile phone bill depositing.


Skrill 1 Tap — Convenient And Simple

skrill-1-tap-logoSkrill 1 Tap only allows customers to make payments straight from their Skrill e-wallet, disallowing the direct bank transfers that Trustly functions on. Skrill 1 Tap only allows you to make payments using cash stored in your Skrill online wallet, however, the system is elegantly designed for this to be as simple as possible.

The people behind Skrill have gone to a lot of trouble to design their casino checkout screen to give you everything you need in order to handle your payments. When you enter the deposit screen to make a payment to your casino, the Skrill screen gives you access to a lot of your details.

Firstly, players are able to see their e-wallet balance, which is a feature that many e-wallets annoyingly forget about, forcing players to go off site and log into their online account via the e-wallet’s own website just to check their balance. Skrill may only allow you to deposit payments from your online wallet, but you are also able to top up your online wallet there and then, even going so far as giving you the option to add cards to your account in order to top up your wallet from your bank account. And the best part is, all of this takes place while on the casino checkout screen.

The system is long winded in many ways, as direct bank account access is a much simpler way to make payments, but it is nice to see Skrill has a concern for your banking details and therefore keeps them at an arm’s length when you’re making any payments.


PayPal — The Ultimate E-Wallet

PayPal may be the bottom of our list, but that renders it from being a coPayPal Logompetitive e-wallet for players to get a lot of mileage from. The workings of PayPal are simple and if you’ve read the explanations of our earlier e-wallet entries, then you know the drill by this point.

PayPal has cuts a nice middle between Trustly and Skrill, allowing you to directly deposit money straight from your bank account to the casino, or make deposits using your PayPal online wallet. PayPal is secured by some of the best encryption and fraud protection in the industry, so your money is safe regardless of where it’s being taken from.

Players should be aware that PayPal is the least available of these mobile e-wallet depositing options at the mobile casinos. PayPal has been aggressively trying to restrain itself from being used as a platform for casino payments. It’s still possible to deposit at casinos using PayPal, but the company certainly doesn’t appear to like it and have made it inconvenient for casinos to host them. Thankfully, if you find a casino that hosts PayPal as a mobile banking method, then you’ll find that no inconvenience is passed onto the consumer and you’ll be able to make swift and secure payments using it.