Starting to feel as thought your mobile gambling is becoming… stale? Do you play your favourite slot again and again only to feel as though it gives you little reward? Are the creeping tentacles of boredom beginning to wrap themselves around your mind? That’s the disheartening thing about liking something so much — we’re afraid of the moment it’ll begin to bore us.

For some, that comes sooner rather than later but if you want to fight off something becoming stale, there are ways you can do that. With mobile gambling in particular, because there is so much of the same thing spread out everywhere, it’s probably easier to get bored than most other things. So here are our tips to stop it from becoming dull.


1. Switch Casinos

The most common factor that makes people become bored of mobile gambling is their casino. If the casino has exhausted all that it has to offer you then it’s little wonder why you’re stuck wanting more. This is why you should shake things up a bit by switching casinos.

And no, we don’t mean abandon your current one entirely. Just sign up to another one for a while and let that one play out before returning to your old one. That’s a sure fire way to spice things up a bit and introduce a little variety into your gambling habits.

We also recommend joining more than one mobile casino in the first place. It keeps boredom at bay from the get-go not to mention you have the option to switch back and forth as much as you like. Having more to choose from, in terms of games and promotions, will keep you on your toes a bit more. Just be sure to carefully research things like wagering requirements so that you don’t get short-changed.


2. Play A New Form Of Gambling

mobile casino budgetThis is a slightly more radical option than the first, but still easily accomplished. Sometimes, the best way to keep things more interesting is by stepping outside your comfort zone every once in a while. In case you’re bored with playing the same slots again and again, why not play some live poker or bingo? Why not dabble in something you’ve never done before?

Not only may you actually like this new form of gambling that you otherwise would not have bothered with, but it’ll keep things more entertaining as well as interesting. To make this transition as smooth as possible, you’ll probably want to start off with something similar to your preferred form of gambling to start with then maybe move onto something else a bit later on down the line.

It’s a good way to shake things up but it can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, if a large portion of your mobile gambling comprised of card games like poker and blackjack, then you may naturally want to see what baccarat is like and give it a try.


3. Switch Between Devices

Man Bored on PhoneEven the simple act of switching devices for your mobile gambling can do the trick! It’s a simple thing to do but you’ll be surprised at how effective it is. Simply changing the screen you look at tricks your eyes into thinking what you’re doing is fresh and new, even if you’re doing the same thing. A change of location also helps, which is why if you’re a predominantly PC player who wants to go out more, switching to a mobile device for your gambling could be the way to go.

It might be a good idea to enact either one of the two previous tips we’ve suggested first before switching devices because simply doing that alone could bring a small “thrill” for a while, however long-term it’s not very effective You’ll still get bored no matter what you might do even if it is on a different screen. So be sure to actually do something else to push off the staleness.


4. Play Less Often

mobile-outside-freeFinally, when it comes to mobile gambling, the biggest problem with ennui usually manifests itself because a lot of players just play it too often. We don’t mean play it so often that they can’t go a minute without spinning a slot! No, that’s addiction and that’s a whole other kettle of fish. No, what we mean is that you play it almost everyday any chance you get.

And it’s proven the more you do something the more boring it becomes. You need variety in your activities to stop it from getting insanely repetitive. Hence why we suggest that you play less often than you currently should. Just one less day a week will do. Or one hour less a day. Then you’ll have time to do other things and it’ll be less boring in comparison!