IGT LogoIGT (or International Game Technology as it was formerly known) is a name familiar to casino players worldwide, whether they’re playing online, on mobile or in land-based casinos. That’s because IGT is one of the biggest and most prolific manufacturers of land-based casino machines, as well as a popular and highly productive online games developer. With a history stretching back over four decades, the company’s thousands of games have brought entertainment to millions of players across the planet.


Company History

The history of IGT is sort of tricky to track, given the numerous changes it’s gone through down the years. Its earliest incarnation dates all the way back to 1975, when International Game Technology began producing slot machines for land-based casinos. Obviously, given the time when they began making them, these betting machines were not particularly high tech, and relied on mechanical movements rather than the digital programs we’re used to today; in essence, these were your classic fruit machines.

Having made its name on the land-based casino floor, in 1990, International Gaming Technology started breaking into the digital world, and started creating betting terminals based on computers. Being one of the first to be using this kind of technology for gambling gave the company a massive head start in the online gambling boom which would come later in the decade.

In the middle of 2015, IGT completed an almost decade long merger with gambling tech company Gtech to become an absolute Goliath of both the online and the land-based gambling world. The company has its headquarters in London, but has offices around the world, with one of the biggest in the all-important gambling mecca of Las Vegas.


Cleopatra Slot by IGT SymbolsThe Games Of IGT

IGT has released literally thousands of games over the years, stretching from classic slot machines to mobile video slots and casino games. That’s why any discussion about its games is necessarily tricky, as it’s kind of hard to know where to start.

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to assume our readers are going to be most interested in the online and mobile output of the company and that you’ll want to hear more about the company’s latest games rather than its historical ones.

IGT’s online and mobile slots have always stood out from the crowd thanks to the fact they resemble traditional land-based casino machines far more than their contemporaries. While other developers want to take advantage of modern technology to create brand new looking games which move away from the casino machine roots, IGT has a good sense of its own heritage, and wants to keep that aesthetic in its video games.

Moreover, many of its online and mobile slots are in fact Family Guy Slot by IGT - Chicken Fight Bonusmigrated from their existing slot machines, or produced in conjunction with new ones, which means it’s simply convenient to have a similar look and feel, and offering players the same experience however they play.

The slots created by IGT took a long time to start moving away from the classic slot machine themes – which up until recently were typified by the likes of Cleopatra and Red Hot 7s series – and towards more conceptual ideas which other developers had been working with for some time. That said, recent years has seen some departure from this tradition, and newer slots like Family Guy, Siberian Storm, Signs of the Zodiac and Zuma 3D demonstrate the company’s ability to work with far more concept rich themes.

Ultimate X Bonus Streak Poker It’s not only slots games which IGT develops; the company has also been a big innovator in online and mobile casino games too. While they have been responsible for a number of hugely roulette, blackjack and other table games, IGT’s biggest expertise come in the form of poker, for which they have made hundreds of variant games over the years.

In the last year alone IGT has released almost a dozen poker games, including Ultimate X Poker Bonus Streak, Extra Draw Frenzy Poker and Move On Up Poker. So, all in all IGT is a company with a strong pedigree and a lot to offer. Keep an eye out for its games at hundreds of online, mobile and land-based casinos.