Mobile casinos might not have been around for long — in fact, they have only sprung to prominence in the last few years – but already they are providing massive wins to a number of people throughout the world. When I say massive, I don’t just mean £200 here or there; I mean people who are walking away with hundreds of thousands of pounds just from one lucky spin!

There are a number of punters who are still sceptical of the burgeoning mobile gambling industry, but hopefully the stories below will just go to show that mobile games really are worth playing and that everyone should try them to see for themselves…

Dishwasher to Property Investor in One Spin

Kin Lam Smiling After Winning on LadyLuck'sOne of the biggest wins ever on a mobile casino went to a Chinese man living in the United Kingdom called Mr. Kin Lam. It isn’t just the amount of money that he won while playing that is amazing though –- his story before and after winning is equally as interesting.

Before his massive win, Mr. Kin Lam was a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant, a job that didn’t exactly pay well and left him almost penniless for most of the month. One day though, he logged onto Lady Luck’s Mobile Casino and played their online Blackjack game, where he won some money. For the next five days he logged on during his lunch break and went on the run to end all runs, eventually cashing out £211,000 for five days of work!

Nowadays this win has allowed Mr. Lam to leave his job as a dishwasher and he now spends his time investing in property throughout the UK, and he has managed to turn that win into a massive portfolio worth £3 million pounds through shrewd investment. Not bad for a guy who was washing dishes a few years ago!

A Pharaoh’s Fortune

LadyLuck's Pharaoh's Fortune LogoNothing can beat the amount won by Mr. Lam in the above section, but there have been a number of other occurrences of people winning large amounts of money thanks to mobile casinos. When it comes to playing mobile slots (and not blackjack like Mr. Lam) then one machine seems to provide more big winners than any other, and this machine is called ‘Pharaoh’s Fortune‘.

Pharaoh’s Fortune by LadyLuck’s is a slot machine found at a number of different casinos, both online and on mobiles. It is known as being one of the most fun slots around, with a number of different win lines and an excellent bonus feature that awards extra spins — extra spins that increase the amount of paylines from 10 to 20 when they are being used! This obviously means that, as well as getting a number of extra spins, you also double your chances of winning. The payout of this game is also somewhere near the 95% mark when played online or on a mobile.

As stated there have been a number of massive wins on this slot machine, with the most amazing of these being a man from the United Kingdom who won £9,000 playing this game on his mobile. This wasn’t the end of his winnings though, as a few days later he scooped a further £3,000 on exactly the same game. Obviously lightning does strike twice! Another woman won a massive £17,700 on this game and this was just from a £1.50 extra spin that she had earned, while other wins have come in at £8,400 and £3,897 as well. We aren’t sure why, but it seems like Pharaoh’s Fortune is the place to go for massive payouts!

Get Filthy Rich

LadyLuck's Filthy Rich Mobile Slot Logo
Another machine that has produced its fair share of large mobile winners is the one that is aptly named ‘Filthy Rich‘ and it can be found at a number of mobile casino sites, as well as online. This machine is one that has 5 reels and 50 different paylines, and you also don’t have to be filthy rich to play it, as the minimum stake is just 2p! Obviously the more you stake per spin though, the more money you will win when that lucky spin comes in.

As with all of the other mobile slot machines, the key to winning big on this one is to activate the bonus feature, which will give you a massive amount of extra spins, and we all know that extra spins usually equals free money! There are also wild and scatter symbols, which further increase the chances of a win coming in every time you spin. For a more in depth look at maximising your winnings, read our mobile slots tips!

The biggest payout for a mobile player on this game goes to a man who won the princely sum of £9,700 while still getting to grips with the nuances of how to gamble on his phone. In fact, he was so new that he was still playing with the initial £2.50 bonus that he received when he signed up to the site. Another big winner was a lady who won £3,200 on this game, and as it was just before Christmas we are sure that this money was well received!

Other Slots

Spinning Slot Reels Almost 777
Aside from the two different slot machines mentioned above, there have been a number of other notable winnings by people spending their time gambling on their phone, on a number of different slot machine games. One of the most impressive was won by a man who started playing Poseidon’s Kingdom on his mobile and ended up walking away with winnings of over £15,000. Another man won over £9,000 on the Disco Dollars game, while a person from South London took home £3,487 from just a few spins on the Gold Rush slot machine.

There have obviously been loads of other big wins on slot machines and mobile casinos and it would be impossible to list them all. Granted, most of them aren’t in the region of £10,000 (or even £200,000 like Mr. Lam), but they are enough to make a significant difference in the life of the winner. Let’s face it, even £200 can go a long way in these tough economic times.

There is no real secret to winning big on mobile casinos, apart from the fact that you should have a good understanding of the way that each game works. Take some time to research the specific slot online and learn the different features, as confusion can sometimes lead to you making the wrong choice and potentially losing lots of money! Once you have mastered one slot machine you will find that the others are easy to understand, so you could be hauling in winnings from a multitude of different places in no time at all!