drawing of a fruit machine2013 has got off to a great start in the world of mobile slots, with a number of new games released and some really big jackpots being won. In fact, we think that 2013 will be the best year yet for mobile slots players, as long as the current trend continues. There is always room for improvement though, even in the best things, and this is certainly the case when it comes to both mobile casinos and the mobile slots found within them.

At MobileSlots4U, we like to make our opinions known, in the hope that some of the major mobile casinos will sit up and take note of them. So, in this vein, we are going to go through the different improvements we think could be made to the mobile slot experience. Hopefully they will find their way to this page and give us what we think every mobile slots player wants!

Bigger Jackpots

Let’s face it – the jackpots found at mobile casinos are already sums that will change your life forever, often coming in at tens of hundreds of thousands pounds and now even in the millions. This is all well and good until you look at the jackpots on regular online casinos (as well as big wins in regular casinos) though, and realise that there is a real disparity, with the online casinos offering much bigger rewards. This used to be fair, but as time progresses it is becoming less so…

The reason this used to be fair is because more people played online compared to on their mobile devices, but the number of people playing games — including mobile slots — on their mobiles is rising incredibly quickly. This means that, as more people play, the jackpots should rise too! Over the last year though we haven’t really seen much of a rise in the jackpots, which is something that needs to be remedied. After all, bigger jackpots will lead even more people to play mobile slots, which can only be a good thing for all concerned, most notably the casinos themselves! So come on mFortune, LadyLuck’s and every other mobile casino out there, give the people what they want and deserve!

More Varied Games

cat and mouse mobile slotBefore we start on this section, it should be noted that the mobile slot themes on display at various sites have gotten more varied over the last year. We are concerned that this will slow down or even stop though, as there is still a lot of work to do in order to create the kind of variety we are asking for. Much of this new variation is down to Pocket Fruity as well, so the other mobile casinos and game developers, such as Playtech and Microgaming, need to start pulling their weight.

It sometimes seems that wherever you go there is a mobile slot on the theme of pirates, Monte Carlo or a whole host of other mundane topics. While they might be off the wall, we want more slots like Fish-O-Rama, Immortal Romance or Cat & Mouse, simply because they bring a completely new angle to the themes on mobile slots. It would also be nice to see some slots with interesting bonus rounds and even a slot with more than five reels – although the last one might be a bit complex for new players!

Bigger Bonuses

One of the main reasons people join a specific mobile casino is because they feel that they are getting a good welcome bonus, however we think that the time has come for all mobile casinos to up their game and start giving new and existing players a lot more. Let’s face it, a welcome bonus of £2.50 in some cases is virtually nothing and is a real slap in the face — £5 isn't really a whole lot better, and this amount can be found at Jackpot City! We want to see new players getting far more than this, as well as better first deposit bonuses, i.e. ones that aren't limited to £50 or thereabouts.

We also want to see existing players getting looked after much better too, as the focus of bonuses seems to simply be on getting players to sign up. Every single site should be offering second and third deposit bonuses, and it would also be nice if they started to offer all players extra spins on any new games they release. This would help the casinos too, as it would encourage people to keep coming back and spending their money, instead of depositing once and then leaving to find a welcome bonus at another site.

So, there you have it. We think that the three “demands” we are making are pretty fair and should be adopted by all the mobile casinos out there. They would give the player a much better experience, which will also help the casinos as players will keep joining once they understand how good the mobile slots and customer service are. So, make these changes Moobile Games, Hopa et al, as they are for your own good!

If you can think of anything else you’d like to see improving at mobile casinos before 2014, let us know by posting a comment under this article – we’d love to hear from you!