Within the last 7 years, the popularity of mobile gaming — and specifically mobile slot gaming — has made significant gains throughout Britain. With technology evolving to higher peaks, and with the advent of the ‘app culture' which arrived with the iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices, having the ability to play your favourite slot game right on your mobile has become an entertaining interactive experience for hundreds of thousands of people across Britain.

Why are mobile slots loved by us Brits? Well, it’s simple. Playing slots on your mobile takes the excitement of spinning the reel with the anticipation of hitting it big and mixes it with the convenience of pulling out your mobile and pressing ‘Spin'!

Not only that, but since mobile technology has evolved, so too has the interfaces and graphic abilities of mobile apps. Because of this, mobile slots (such as Sweet Treats and Vegas Vegas) have developed an identical look and feel to the best video slot machines found at the biggest casinos in the world. This makes for an action-packed, visually stimulating experience — with the chance of winning huge amounts of money — sitting right in your pocket, available to you at any time of the day, proving that mobile slots are no gimmick!

There are some practical reasons, of course, why mobile gaming has become so popular in Britain. Online and mobile security has beefed up in the last few years, making it safer to provide personal and financial information to trusted sites. Because of this, people have become more comfortable depositing and withdrawing funds online and with their mobile devices.

Here to stay

Mobile gaming is here to stay. People no longer have to waste time traveling to a casino and dealing with the entrapment of casino life when all they want to do is play slots for an hour — or shorter. Online and mobile financial transactions are just as accepted now as physically going to the bank, and mobile technology makes playing slots just as fun on your mobile device as it is on the casino floor!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, mobile gaming is easier, it’s more convenient, and it’s fun! That’s why people love it. It’s as exciting and easy to win as playing at a casino, but you’re in your own environment. Whether you’re at home, on the train, or sitting in the waiting room at your next doctor’s appointment, you can be significantly entertained AND WIN MONEY playing mobile slots!

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