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It’s a generally accepted fact that customer support anywhere, not just at online casinos, is incredibly important. Why should a customer go back to a business if they’re treated badly? They would just go elsewhere. So it’s within the company’s best interest to make sure the main provider of their income have a satisfying experience. But how important is customer support at a mobile casino? Are online casinos just covering their own backs or do they genuinely care about their consumers? Today, we’re taking a look at the significance of customer support and if the importance placed on it is unfounded or well-justified.


Why So Corporate?

Cheerful business peopleWithout a doubt, customer service in online gambling is of the utmost importance. Casinos are dealing with the player’s money, after all. But sometimes people feel as though it’s forced upon them. As soon as they log onto their favourite online casino, they’re bombarded by a live chat announcement and a chirpy voice saying, “How may I help you today?” This can be particularly irksome when all you want to do is spin a few slots.

This leads to one of the most common criticisms of customer support is that it can feel overwhelmingly corporate. In a desperate attempt to appear friendly, companies tend to over-egg the pudding when they try to be approachable. Often this involves an annoyingly high-pitched intonation in the customer rep’s speech and a lot of fake smiles. While keeping the customer happy is top priority, it does tend to get a little creepy when the rep is smiling vacantly at you in case you start shouting at them.

We believe the best customer support comes only when you ask for it. So instead of trying to be helpful, casinos should just let players know that the support is there if they need it.


Do We Have Time For It?

man-looking-at-watchA lot of people playing on online casinos don’t even bother with customer support, even if they do have an issue because they’re under the impression that it takes too long. Although customer support services claim to answer inquiries as quickly as they can, the fact of the matter is that these problems need to be solved now. Some people are so busy they literally don’t have time to wait around. At all.

Unless a casino has 24 hour constant support through live chat (unlikely) then it’s almost impossible for the customer service rep to respond instantly and fix the problem (whether that be major or minor) at once. And let’s face it — we only ever contact support if the situation is dire. No one bothers with it if they’ve simply forgotten they’re password. Most minor inconveniences can be fixed by inspecting the site’s FAQ page anyway so it’s almost pointless in this regard.


So Do We Need It?

faqThe short answer: absolutely. If the customer support wasn’t there, it would be a huge issue for players. There would be no way that they could contact the casino if something did go wrong. However, most of the time, they’re generally not needed. We believe that many players only use customer support in an emergency and inspect the FAQ page in 99 cases out of a hundred to resolve their issue (whatever that may be). And usually said issue is a minor one that can be solved by the player themselves if they took the initiative to do so.

Instead of thrusting customer support in the faces of consumers, online casinos should be encouraging users to fix their own problems. Not in a direct way, obviously, as this would come across almost aggressive. The best way is to be suggestive. Use a lot of “It’s easy!” or “Just take a look at our FAQ page”. Rather than being encouraged, this may have the danger of consumers claiming that they don’t have time to cycle through the FAQ page. But we believe this is the minority.