Because of the limitations Google puts on certain mobile apps, many people are wondering if they can download mobile gaming apps to their Android phones. It is a tricky situation, and one that mobile casinos have been tip-toeing around for quite some time. Some have found a solution that works for them, while others have been very successful in the Android market.

Tricky situation

According to Google’s ‘terms and conditions‘, mobile developers are not allowed to publish any app that is not suitable for players under the age of 18. While the terms do not specifically mention gambling apps, they would still technically not be allowed due to the very nature of gambling — being for people 18 years of age and older.

Some choose to offer mobile apps

Most mobile casinos have either bypassed this requirement or chosen to offer their mobile app services to android users regardless of Google’s terms. The first of the casinos to choose the latter route and offer mobile apps to the public was mFortune. Once mFortune converted the entirety of their games to work with Android phones and released them to the Android market, some 30,000 people downloaded the apps and started playing mFortune’s games for real-money.

After the success of mFortune, many other casinos followed suit with mBet and mSlots leading the way. However, these other casinos that created mobile apps with Android compatibility enjoyed far less success as compared to mFortune’s efforts.

Finding ways to offer games

Some mobile casinos opted for the safer route. Casinos such as LadyLuck’s Mobile and WildJack Mobile released simplified apps, which when opened redirected the player to the phone’s web browser — opening browser-based versions of the game. Because the browser-based games lacked the dynamic qualities that the app versions offered mobile users, they received very low ratings and were not nearly as successful as the actual app games offered by mFortune and other casinos.

An always-evolving game plan

mFortune have since replaced their real-money apps with demo versions of the apps. Once the player opens the app they have the option of downloading the non-demo version to their mobile and play for real-money. If the player chooses this option, the download is started on mFortune’s site, and not on the Android market.

Mobile casinos are constantly tinkering with the way they offer their games to consumers. Limitations like those put in place by Google on the Android Market, mean that those casinos that are trying to impact the Android market have to come up with new and creative ways to offer their products.

It is always advised that you check your phone’s terms and conditions as well as those of the mobile casino where you are playing. The more you know, the better off you will be, and the more MONEY you can WIN!