the facts about mobile gamblingAlthough we know that mobile gambling is a great way to have fun and can potentially be a lucrative money-spinner, people who don’t follow the industry often have some preconceived ideas in their head about it. These can be either due to misinformation or simply because they distrust mobile gambling sites, but this article will dispel five of these myths straight away…

#1 – Mobile Gambling is Entirely Luck Based

We would be lying if we said there isn’t an element of luck to mobile gambling, and when it comes to mobile slots this luck plays more of a role than other forms. It certainly isn’t 100% luck-based though! In poker, you have to know how to play each hand; in bingo you need to have the wherewithal to mark your card quickly; and in mobile slots you need to understand each game and what each symbol means. After all, just clicking the spin button repeatedly might give you a win, but you won’t be playing the game to its full potential!

mobile gambling in the usa#2 – Mobile Gambling is Banned in the USA

The “ban” on mobile and online gambling in the USA has been well publicised, but the fact is Americans are still free to carry out this activity if they want to! The ban actually stops banks and other financial institutions from accepting payments from gambling sites, but there are ways around this. Americans can use sites like PayPal and Neteller to withdraw their money and then pay into their bank accounts from these “middlemen”. So, unless you are a professional gambler (most of these have now relocated to Europe or Canada), and don’t want to pay the large charges that these middlemen levy, gambling online is still open to all American residents!

#3 – Every Gambler Will Get Addicted

Firstly, we have to say that gambling can be dangerous – it can be addictive and should be done in moderation and only when you can afford to lose. It’s not the case that every single person will become addicted though, as we all have different tolerances to the urge to gamble. So, don’t think that one spin on a mobile slot will get you addicted – it can be a really fun way to pass the time while on a bus or waiting for a friend in a café.

#4 – Mobile Gambling Sites Can’t Be Trusted

This is completely off the mark, as the mobile gambling sites are incredibly trustworthy – they have to be, otherwise they would lose their players and go bankrupt in the blink of an eye! When you consider that some massive names like William Hill and Virgin are now in the mobile gambling world, it is clear to see that they would not be mixing with this crowd unless they knew their reputation was safe. The fact that all mobile gambling sites are regulated by official bodies, whether they are in the UK or abroad, is another reason that they can be trusted.

#5 – Gambling is Boring

Okay, so this isn’t really a myth and more of an opinion, but in the nicest possible way… this opinion is completely wrong! The thrill of spinning in a winning combination; the excitement when your numbers come up on a bingo card; the satisfaction felt when you bluff an opponent out of a big pot – these are all definitely not boring moments! Everyone needs a bit of excitement in their life, and mobile gambling can provide this wherever you happen to be!