Playtech Man of Steel Playtech has garnered an awful lot of attention over the last few years off the back of its partnership with Marvel Comics, having brought out a whole series of slots to celebrate the characters made famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – from Ironman and Thor to Hulk and Captain America. Playtech’s most recent comic outing, though, switches horses somewhat, as the company teams with Marvel’s long-time rivals DC Comics to release Man of Steel – a brand new online and mobile slot themed around the latest Superman movie franchise.

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About The Man Of Steel Mobile Slot

For some reason, it always seems like the slots themed after films take a couple of years to get released after the films themselves. Perhaps it’s all about measuring the success of a film before investing in the development of the game, but either way, it’s coming up to four years since the release of Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman film franchise, and only now are we getting the accompanying slot.

Playtech LogoAs is typical with slots themed after films, it’s the main characters which make up the highest paying symbols in the Man of Steel slot, with Lois Lane, General Zod, Perry White, and of course, Superman himself making appearances on the reels. The 5 reel, 40 payline slot isn’t going to be completely packed with special features (this isn’t a NetEnt release), but you’ll be able to claim up to seven extra spins, and wilds will convert more lines into winners.


Other DC Slots On The Horizon

Not only is Man of Steel not the first slot themed around a DC character, it’s not going to be the last this year. Playtech has already announced that its partnership with DC will continue across at least one more game, with the launch of a Green Lantern slot penned for February.

Despite not being quite as famous and Superman, the Green Lantern has a cult following as a comic superhero, and after the 2011 film, now enjoys a much higher profile in the mainstream. Try out the Man of Steel slot, then give Green Lantern a go if you like it!

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