Guts Casino Donuts PromotionIf you bothered making a resolution for the New Year, chances are it involved avoiding junk food in one way or another rather than seeking it out. But over at (greedy) Guts Casino this month, they’re asking players to head straight for the sweets aisle and pick up a pack of donuts. Obviously, these aren’t real donuts, but virtual ones which act as points in the casino’s latest promotion. Collect enough and you’ll be able to claim extra spins on great games all through the month, all as part of the New Year’s Resolutions promotion.

Earn Extra Spins At Guts Casino!

New Year’s Resolutions Promotion

From now until the end of January, Guts Casino is inviting players to come and play their favourite slots. While the gameplay will be like it always it, you’ll also have the chance to collect donuts (yes, you read that right, tasty, delicious donuts). The more donuts you collect, the closer you get to a resolution, and once you decide to settle on a resolution, you’ll be able to claim extra spins on the game connected to that resolution.

Don’t worry, these are silly resolutions, and no one expects you to stick with them, all this is just about you being able to claim extra spins on some of the best games at a great casino.


How To Collect Donuts And Claim Extra Spins

Guts Casino Logo Featured ImageOk, so how do we make this leap from virtual donuts to extra spins? Well, collecting the donuts is the easy part; all you have to do is head to Guts Casino and play on your favourite slots like you normally would, but you’ll notice the addition of a little progress bar with little donuts on it at the top of the screen.

As you play, that progress bar will inch along, and once you get to the end (after enough play), you’ll get a notification telling you you’ve earned one donut. This is where the real fun begins.

Upon claiming your donut, you’ll be able to pick a New Year’s resolution. These are silly resolutions, and you’ll realise pretty quickly they exist only in order to pair up to games which boast similar themes as the resolution. Choosing your resolution selects the accompanying game, which is where you then get to claim your extra spins. Head to the game once you’ve chosen, and you’ll find your extra spins waiting for you to play.


Mystery Prize

One more thing! There’s a total of 15 donuts to collect in total, and if you manage to collect every single one of them by the end of the promotion, you’ll receive an extra mystery prize on top of your extra spins. As of yet there’s no word on what the mystery prize will actually be, but given the high quality of the rest of this promotion, you can pretty much rest assured it’s going to be great. But you’ll have to get collecting if you want to find out.

Collect Donuts and Play Extra Spins At Guts Casino!