Angry Woman Looking at PhoneIt has happened to everyone with a love for gambling, regardless of whether it is poker, bingo, sports betting or mobile slots that happen to be their particular love. The cards don’t fall right, the favourite falls at the last, the reels don’t spin in to any big wins… It isn’t whether this happens that is the concern though, it is how to deal with it.

Let’s face it – mobile slots are a game of chance (although there are some ways to increase your odds) and therefore luck might not be on your side for a while. When this happens, your bankroll starts to decline and you start to lose hope. How can you address this problem though, without losing it all or causing yourself too much stress? We’ll look at some options in this article, to help you get back on track

Take a Look at Yourself

The first thing to do is take a long, hard look at yourself. We all know that gambling, if left unchecked, can develop into a serious problem. If you are losing money hand over fist, especially if you can’t afford to, you need to think about giving yourself a self-imposed exile from the game. This will allow you to get your head straight and come back in the future with a better understanding of priorities.

Woman Pulling Her Hair OutOf course, most people don’t have gambling problems though, but it can still be beneficial to take a hiatus for a bit. If you are losing all the time, take a break for the weekend and do something to take your mind off things, before coming back and starting again. Sometimes a break from your chosen casino is the best tactic you can employ, simply so you don’t end up a frustrated mess!

It should also be noted that you should never try to chase lost money – always play with the expectation that you’ll lose. This way, when you win you’ll feel even better about it! If you are finding that you simply have to make back the money you’ve lost, you must take a break until your finances have stabilised. This way, you won’t make bad and risky decisions that end up costing you even more cash.

Drop Down a Level

When playing mobile slots, there are a number of different levels you can play at. Beginners will most likely play for about 2p a spin, while more seasoned players can sometimes lay down up to £50 per spin. The latter option leads to much bigger potential rewards, but the risks are also much more magnified as well.

A common tactic by those on a losing streak is to ride it out on lower stakes. So, if you are losing lots of money while playing at £20 a spin, drop down to £10 a spin until your account balance gets back to where it was before. When Lady Luck isn’t smiling down on you, don’t let her rinse your bank account when you can do something about it!

Swap Games

Sometimes a mobile slot machine simply isn’t paying out. Remember, they are all about probability, and if someone else has just won the jackpot, it is highly unlikely to start paying out big amounts to you. You can even check the news section of the mobile casino you play at to see if there have been any big winners on the games before you start to play. Some sites, such as LadyLuck’s and Pocket Fruity, have great mobile slots blogs to let you know about this. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too, as social networks really help when playing at mobile casinos.

You could even take a completely different tack for a while and swap to something like bingo or poker. As already mentioned in this article, a break from mobile slots can do you good sometimes – you’ll be back before long though, as they are the most fun you can have on a mobile phone!

Manage Your Bankroll

Woman Holding a Piggy BankThis is more of a tactic to use to ensure you don’t start to lose too much, but it can be used in times of trouble too to limit those losses. Bankroll management is something that all players should be au fait with. It basically means that you never overstretch your means, so that when a losing streak occurs it doesn’t take all your wealth.

So, if you had a bankroll of £100, playing at £50 a spin would see your bankroll potentially wiped out in two spins. If you had £50,000 in the account though, a few losses at £50 a spin wouldn’t be too damaging. Therefore, 50p a spin would be much better than £50 a spin for those with £100 in their account, as losing for a while won’t make a massive dent.

So, when you start losing, reduce your stakes as the amount of money you have goes down. By doing this you’ll limit the losses and do as much as possible to ensure that you don’t reach zero in your account.


So, there you have it. If you take a read through this page and at least follow one of the mobile slots tips on it, you should be back to winning ways in no time at all!