After you have gone on your winning streak and stacked up a nice amount of money in your mobile casino account, the one thing you want to do is withdraw, right? Banking your winnings on a mobile casino site is quick and easy. It is similar to making a withdrawl on an online gaming site, or any other type of site where you might withdraw money.

There are usually options when it comes to banking your winnings. With most mobile casinos, you can elect to transfer your money directly into your bank account, you can have the money transferred to the credit or debit card that you made your last deposit with, or you can have a cheque sent to you by mail. Some sites even allow you to send them a text message and they automatically transfer the funds via your withdraw method of choice.

Withdrawing money from your account is as easy as using your mobile phone to go to the site, choosing the amount you want, and pressing ‘send'. With most sites, it takes up to 5 working days until the funds are officially in your bank account, or mailed to you in the post. Then, once you get the money it’s – naturally – time to party!

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