neteller skrill paypal comparisonMore and more of us are discovering the convenience of keeping our casino time mobile. Part of that is finding a payment method that is mobile friendly and what better place to start than e-wallets? E-wallets are the modern bank account: they’re fast, online and simple to use. But all e-wallets aren’t made equal, so we’re taking a look at the features of every major e-wallet to see which is best. So out of PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, which is the best e-wallet for mobile depositing at your online casino?


Convenient Payment

A good place to start is determining which e-wallet is the most payment options skrillconvenient for making mobile payments at your mobile casino. The point of a good mobile depositing method is that it’s fast and flexible. You’re going to be making these deposits on your mobile, so presumably, you’ll be out the house and heading somewhere.

You want as little messing about as possible, whether it’s logging into additional accounts or having to track down your bank card numbers if there are any problems. Here are the big pros and cons of each mobile banking method:


  • Pro: Payments can be made directly from both your Skrill wallet or from your bank account via the Skrill wallet
  • Pro: Card details can be added and charged from the casino payment screen
  • Pro: Your Skrill wallet balance will be displayed during the transaction
  • Pro: Login details can be saved for faster payments
  • Con: There is a minimum amount that can be added to your Skrill wallet


  • Con: Payments can only be made directly from your Neteller wallet
  • Con: Neteller wallet balance isn’t displayed on the casino payment screen
  • Con: Wallet can only be topped up from Neteller’s main site
  • Con: Neteller’s sign in process involves a SecureID that is randomly generated and can’t be saved for quick login. If lost, you’ll have to contact Neteller directly to access your account
  • Pro: Your Neteller account is very secure due to its tougher login process


  • Pro: Payments can be made from your PayPal wallet or directly from your bank account
  • Pro: There is no minimum transaction amount from either wallet or card
  • Pro: PayPal balance is provided from the casino payment screen
  • Pro: Cards can be added and charged from the casino payment screen
  • Pro: Login details can be saved for faster payments
  • Con: Transaction fees will increase, the lower your payment is


In Conclusion

paypal bankOn the face of it, PayPal wins this one by a hair. PayPal offers the ability to save login details and make payments from both your e-wallet and bank account, which offers both speed and flexibility when it comes to your payments.

Skrill offers a similar service, but any payments from your card have to go via your Skrill wallet, which means there are limitations to how low your payment can go. PayPal allows for direct bank account payments, so you can make a payment with any amount from your bank account, without the PayPal wallet limitations imposing on your payments.

Neteller comes in a third place due to its limited payment options, inability to display how much money you actually have while making a payment, insistence on going to their main site to top up your wallet and its slower login process. Although a point in Neteller’s favour is that their login system is more secure, since your Neteller SecureID isn’t saved anywhere and is randomly generated, so impossible for anyone to know.

Additional Fees In Order To Use

transaction feeThis is going to be a simple contest, even for those of you who aren’t good at maths. E-wallets make their money from taking a transaction fee from any payments you make through their service. They’re one of the only payment methods which does this, with even bank transfers and pay by phone billing letting you keep all the money you deal with.

Of course, not all e-wallets charge the same, so these are the transaction fees you get by mobile depositing with each e-wallet.

  • Skrill – 1.9%
  • Neteller – 1.9%
  • PayPal – 2.9% + £€0.30


In Conclusion

It’s pretty clear who comes out on top for that one and even though the numbers are small, with enough transactions, it will make the difference in the long run. Skrill and Neteller come out way cheaper, regardless of how you look at it.

However, as a side note, PayPal is the only e-wallet which doesn’t charge for not using it. You can have an inactive account with PayPal and never get any additional charges on it. Anytime you use it, your account will be waiting for you, free of charge. On the other hand, Skrill and Neteller do charge an additional £1 for every month that your account remains inactive past the one year mark. If you are a very rare depositor, then PayPal may still save you money, so just be aware of those additional charges.


Most importantly, what is the point of an e-wallet if you camobile casinon’t use it. Each e-wallet’s availability differs greatly between casinos. Casinos have an affinity for certain e-wallets and some e-wallets, such as PayPal, try to actively avoid being used for casino transactions.

In general, Skrill is the most widely available. If there’s a casino that hosts e-wallet payments, the chances are almost certain that it’ll be Skrill as their primary merchant. This is because Skrill has a very large European market, so most UK-friendly casinos, which are usually hosted in European territories, are very likely to use it due to the high number of customers it will benefit.

Neteller is the second most present e-wallet. It doesn’t quite have the spread that Skrill has managed, since Neteller is more prominent within the US, but most of the larger mega online casinos will definitely still be able to accept Neteller payments. If you are more likely to use the larger casinos which have high customer numbers, then those casinos will have more to gain from appeasing Neteller customers.

As mentioned above, PayPal is a self-destructive e-wallet. On the one hanpaypal restrictedd, it’s the most used e-wallet on the planet, with user numbers that would cast a shadow over anything Skrill or Neteller could muster up. But PayPal as a company really seems to dislike their service being used for casino transactions. There’s plenty of reasons for this, but primarily it’s because PayPal doesn’t like the extra complications that refunding customers brings in when they’ve spent their money at a casino.

It would seem obvious to most people that PayPal should be the most popular mobile casino e-wallet, but it’s not and that seems to lie on PayPal’s shoulders. PayPal users can still find a good number of casinos that will provide for them, but you’ll find yourself limited to a much smaller pool of mobile casinos if you want to stay loyal to the e-wallet.

What E-Wallet Should You Use?

skrill approvedOverall, given the fact it’s both got the most flexible ways to pay, is available at the most mobile casinos and has the lowest transaction fees, Skrill would get our vote. When it comes to mobile payment methods, the Skrill e-wallet has it all. Of course, it will always charge you if you abandon your account for long enough, but customers always have the choice to cancel their account and restart it, if they ever find they need to take a break from the service.

Neteller and PayPal have their fair selection of weaknesses, but neither one fails enough to not be a valid option when it comes to choosing your new mobile depositing method. All in all, we hope you’ve found our e-wallet mobile depositing breakdown helpful and can now make your final decision about which mobile e-wallet you want to use as your main mobile depositing method.