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Pay by Phone Casino & SMS Billing

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Pay by Phone Casino and SMS Billing Casino on Mobile Slots

Mobile billing, pay by phone, deposit by SMS… There are so many titles that you can use for the action of depositing funds into your casino account by utilising your phone. Yet whatever you call it, mobile billing is one of the fastest, most convenient and absolutely one of the easiest ways to pay for your mobile gambling.

While years ago this banking method wasn’t as popular, it has really caught up and many modern casinos are now proud to call themselves  ‘pay by phone casino‘. Not only is it incredibly easy for casinos to implement this mobile billing option, but experienced and professional gamblers always prefer a casino that offers it.

What Is Mobile SMS Billing Casinos and Pay by Phone Casinos?

Mobile billing is one of the fastest and the most convenient mobile banking methods available these days. Online and mobile casinos alike offer this banking option, where you connect your casino account with the account of your mobile service provider. In a nutshell, these two parties are necessary to enable deposits by phone bill.

Without ever giving out your bank details or registering for accounts (e.g. e-wallets) where you have to remember password upon password, mobile billing is instantaneous and easy. Once a connection between the casino and the telephone connection provider is established, you can effortlessly deposit by SMS at casinos of your preference. We will explain in detail as to how you can do that, but briefly it looks like this.

When you confirm the sum you wish to deposit via the mobile casino interface, you receive an SMS from your service provider confirming that your casino deposit by phone bill has been successful. The exact amount will them be added to your monthly phone bill, whether it’s your mobile or your landline. Yup, you read it right – you can even use mobile billing casinos and pay via landline! And what if you are a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customer? Fear not, because the amount will simply be deducted from your credit balance.

Phone Billing Pound Symbol

Top Pay By Phone Casinos

Although mobile billing casinos used to be a rarity way back when, now they are common place and most gamblers actually prefer them. Here are the top three of the many casinos which have jumped on the mobile billing bandwagon.


1. Hippozino Mobile Casino

Hippozino Casino LogoAlthough Hippozino has added Pay by Phone option later in its operation, it surely hastaken this new generation payment solution to heart. Not only do they make it nearly effortless to deposit via phone billing, but they actively encourage it too.

Now, throw in the massive number of games by Microgaming and the wide variety of dice and card games, and you’ve got yourself a casino where you will simply want to deposit. The minimum you can deposit via SMS is £10, up to the usual daily £30 as elsewhere. But what Hippozino has that no other casino does? A charitable cause. This will be a perfect mobile casino for you, if you appreciate the fact that part of Hippozino’s profits go to World Wildlife Fund.

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2. Spin Genie Mobile Casino

Spin Genie LogoFew casinos have caused as much of a stir in recent years as Spin Genie. This young casino is considered by many to have redefined the way we interact with mobile casinos. A substantial part of this has been the integration of mobile deposit options (via Boku) from the very minute the casino launched.

The early integration of phone billing demonstrates a greater trend at Spin Genie for ensuring that the player experience is as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Just look at its unique Adventure gamification system, rewarding players for time spent playing and offering exciting mini games for even more fun.

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3. Northern Lights Mobile Casino

Northern Lights Casino LogoIf you want proof of how highly Northern Lights thinks of mobile billing, consider that the casino accepted such deposits before it accepted desktop players! The creators of Northern Lights have always put mobile optimisation first and foremost, which has to appeal to any serious mobile player.

Everything at this casino lends itself to mobile deposits, not least the fact that all its games are perfect for wagers at the lower end of the spectrum – the kind made by players on the go or on a lunch break. Northern Lights may be the youngest casino in this list, but it can more than stand up in terms of its quality and ability to entertain.

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4. Pocket Fruity Mobile Casino

Pocket Fruity LogoWhen discussing successful utilisation of deposits by phone bill, two words come to mind – Pocket Fruity. The reason why this unassuming casino has become so synonymous with mobile phone bill deposits is simple: despite being a small and independent casino, Pocket Fruity was one of the first sites to integrate phone bill deposits.

It’s also one of the best. Not only is the user interface quick and easy to use, once you’ve got your funds deposited into your account, you have access to an impressive array of games, including Pocket Fruity exclusives.

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Quick Steps to Get Started With Phone Bill Depositing!

If you simply can’t wait or cannot be bothered to read the rest of our guide, check this handy Quick Start Guide to Mobile Casinos before you begin your mobile gambling expedition. Meanwhile, here are three easy steps to get started with phone bill depositing and get winning:

  • If you’re a regular mobile casino player, you will have your favourite apps installed on your device or you’ll be playing them on your mobile browser;
  • If you haven’t played on a mobile casino before, register at one of the casinos that accepts mobile billing and login on their site or app. From the mobile app or browser lobby, go to the Banking section;
  • Click on “Pay by Phone Bill” (some casinos might use the term ‘deposit by SMS’, ‘mobile billing’ or any similar variation) and select or enter the amount you want to deposit. Note that the actual deposit takes less than 10 seconds even for a first timer and your deposit will be available to you immediately.

Quick Steps to Get Started With Phone Bill Depositing!

If you simply can’t wait or cannot be bothered to read the rest of our guide, check this handy Quick Start Guide to Mobile Casinos before you begin your mobile gambling expedition. Meanwhile, here are three easy steps to get started with phone bill depositing and get winning:

  • If you’re a regular mobile casino player, you will have your favourite apps installed on your device or you’ll be playing them on your mobile browser;
  • If you haven’t played on a mobile casino before, register at one of the casinos that accepts mobile billing and login on their site or app. From the mobile app or browser lobby, go to the Banking section;
  • Click on “Pay by Phone Bill” (some casinos might use the term ‘deposit by SMS’, ‘mobile billing’ or any similar variation) and select or enter the amount you want to deposit. Note that the actual deposit takes less than 10 seconds even for a first timer and your deposit will be available to you immediately.

How Easy or Difficult Is It to Pay By SMS At a Casino

Let us just say this – when you deposit by phone bill, the money reaches your account within 10 seconds and in just one or two clicks! There is no card payment required, there is absolutely no memorising of your CVV numbers, forget all about entering your sort code or card validity date. In other words, forget it all!

Because all you need when you deposit by SMS at any casino is to remember to pay your phone bill on time. That’s especially easy if you have set up a Direct Debit for your contract phone, because then you don’t even have to worry about paying that bill – it happens automatically. How convenient!

If you are on a PAYG user, you don’t need to have a Direct Debit set up. You simply need to account for your gambling expenses when you make a regular top-up. That’s even preferable in our book because it means that you’re already setting aside all the money that you can afford to gamble away, sort of a personalised limit.

And for those who are on a landline or a mobile phone contract? Well, the casinos set up the limits for you. Because playing at casinos where you deposit by phone bill is so tempting and the player might not fully be in control of the sums being gambled away, casinos have daily, weekly and monthly limits as to how much can be deposited via mobile billing.

Trust us, we’ve tried all the mobile deposit methods available to UK players at casinos and there is no doubt in our mind that mobile billing is hands down the fastest and the easiest banking option out there!

Is Depositing By SMS At Casinos A Safe and Secure Process?

Good question. If you compare the level of security of the ‘deposit by phone bill’ method to the level of security offered by a debit card or a prepaid card, you could get slightly worried and wonder if you should use this method at all.

Lock and Key Cartoon with Word ArtBut, contrary to the myth that they are risky or irreversible, mobile billing deposits are safe and secure. That’s due to the availability of customer care services at casinos as well as Payforit regulations, which are a collaboration between the major mobile network providers (Vodafone, O2, Three and EE), the micropayment industry and Ofcom, among others.

As we already mentioned, for every deposit made by phone bill, you get an SMS receipt for your personal message. Some casinos also store these messages in your casino account’s inbox. If you suspect that there’s been a mistake or you wish to reverse a deposit you made, all you need to do is ring the casino customer care number or send them an email.

Do keep in mind that if you have played with the deposited money before you request a reversal, or a minor has played with the money accidentally, casinos will ask you a few more questions in order to assess the exact nature of the incident.

And what if you lose your phone/change your phone number and discover that someone has been misusing your phone to deposit by SMS at casinos? Read the next section to find out what happens then.

UK Mobile & Landline Network Providers That Facilitate Deposits By Phone Bill

The best way to find out how you can deposit by SMS at a casino is to look at their Banking page or the footer of their homepage, where company icons are often displayed. If you find the logos of mobile network providers, then those providers accept mobile billing at that specific casino.

Note that some international PAYG mobile network providers like Lebara or giffgaff are MVNOs, meaning that they use the mobile networks of a specific UK provider. So although you’ll not see the logos of MVNOs on the casino home page footers, it doesn’t mean you cannot pay by phone at the casino. If you’re unsure about the status of your carrier, it’s best to ask a helpful casino customer service rep.

What’s more is that a handful of mobile casinos, and certainly most Probability PLC casinos, accept deposits via British Telecom (BT) landline bill. That is super handy for those who wish to keep their bills to a minimum and not have to fuss about with extra paperwork.

TIP: A service provider like Lycamobile or Lebara gives you an extra £10 credit when you top-up. Why not use part of the extra credit for casino deposits and rest for your regular calls?

Here is an exhaustive list of service providers arranged in alphabetic order. Click to go to their website (opens in a new tab):

Changes to Phone Number & Network Provider And Its Impact on Mobile Billing

Things can get slightly tricky in this case. If you change the phone number that you’re using to deposit by phone bill, you should delete all of your saved passwords, autofills and forms on your phone. This way, no one can automatically log in to your casino account.

Yet, prior to doing this, check if you can change your number from the casino account. Most mobile casino sites and apps let you associate a new phone number with your casino account and ‘remember’ the old one. Delete all your casino and other apps too before you recycle or upcycle your phone device.

But what if you lost your phone and want to make sure your account isn’t being used by whoever gets their hands on your phone? Simply phone the customer service number of the casino from someone else’s phone as soon as you get a chance and temporarily disconnect your casino accounts.

Don’t remember the names of all the casinos that you play at? If your phone bill is automatically paid via Direct Debit from your bank account, you could do the following: inform your mobile operator of theft and ask to temporarily disable your account AND ask your bank to stop all direct debits initiated by your mobile operator.

Plus, bear in mind that recycled phone numbers are often not available immediately in the consumer market, so it might be a while before someone else actually gets to use your number again.

Minimum & Maximum Limits for Phone Bill Deposits

Think of casino deposits by phone bill as your everyday food indulgences. How much are you willing to pay for a hot evening cuppa and cake? Or a meal deal at the supermarket? Three quid? That’s usually the minimum amount you can indicate when you go to pay by SMS at your favourite casino.

Sure, some of us do not like the fact that mobile billing deposit limits are restrictive when you compare it to the limits placed on card payments, for example. Most casinos restrict deposits by phone bill to £30 (meagre) per day. Furthermore, there are usually monthly limitations too.

Is this justified? We think yes, because it makes sure you gamble sensibly. Imagine that a child playing on your mobile accidentally tries to deposit £5,000, succeeds and plays it all off at £25 per spin very quickly. Now don’t you think the £30 daily limit at mobile billing casinos is justified?

Bear in mind that phone bill transactions technically take place instantaneously with hardly more than two steps in place, hence mobile banking laws prevent casinos from enabling players to deposit too much money by this method. And the (arbitrary) mobile billing threshold is set at £30 for now – it’s all about the safety and security of your hard earned cash.

Pros & Cons of Playing At Casinos That Let You Deposit By Phone Bill

It all boils down to this: the pros and cons of mobile billing. We will look at the pros by comparing deposits by phone bill with other methods of banking at mobile casinos and then look at the possible cons as well. You can also check out our complete list of banking methods at mobile casinos to understand deposits by phone bill and gauge the pros and cons of it with respect to other deposit methods.

Is Mobile Billing Better Than Ukash?

Ukash Logo 2014Yes and no! Mobile billing is way quicker than making Ukash transactions, considering the time and manual effort required in purchasing Ukash vouchers from an outlet. With Ukash, however, you neither associate your bank account nor provide any means of Direct Debit from your bank account via a mobile service provider. Physical Ukash voucher is thus preferable if you want to separate your gaming identity from your bank account and/or budget.

Is Mobile Billing Better Than PayPal and Other e-Wallets?

To a large extent, yes. Deposits by phone bill seem to be a better option. You might be using your PayPal account for various other purposes like PayPal Logo 2014making online purchases. PayPal transactions are good safety and security wise, but they could be better optimised for mobile, we think.

Meanwhile e-wallets aren’t always available at all mobile casinos. Phone Billing requires just a working UK phone number and nothing else! Contrary to an e-wallet, you don’t need to register for an account, memorise the account information and associate your bank account with the e-wallet account. Besides, sometimes e-wallets charge fees for using their services and so does PayPal.

Is Mobile Billing Better Than Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards/Virtual Cards?

Yes and no! Mobile billing is quick, easy and hassle-free, without any cryptic numbers or figures to memorise or store on your phone. Also, your mobile network takes responsibility if you have issues with phone billing and only approved casinos can use theMasterCard logo service.

Meanwhile, cards often give the impression that they’re more secure because they’re better established, but Boku (a well-known mobile phone payment service) has nearly identical security measures in place.

However, the good part about using credit or debit cards is that you’ve already used them countless times before and at many places too, so it’s unlikely that you’d have trouble making deposits at your favourite mobile casinos.

The Cons Of Depositing By SMS At Casinos

Yes, but not many things that you already don’t know of! First, their security could be stricter. Casinos and players could agree on a short passcode that authenticates when a transaction is triggered by the player.

If the above can be implemented, it would make sense to increase the daily limit of transactions too. Some mobile billing casinos barely allow a tenner to be deposited via phone bill. To be fair to the casinos though, they impose the limits so that their customers are able to pay the bill.

Second, the biggest technical disadvantage on most mobile casinos is that once you hit that ‘yes’ button to pay by SMS, no confirmation screen follows. Your payment is processed even if you had a split second thought to NOT pay at that point. This is quite silly because having a quick ‘do you want to confirm your payment?’ dialog box doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? And it certainly wouldn’t take long to double-check if the transaction should go ahead.

Third, there’s one thing that’s worth adding to the cons list. For some strange reason, many mobile billing casinos DO NOT credit you with the advertised Welcome Bonus if your make your first deposit via mobile billing. Seems terrible at first, but in their defence, casinos actually warn you of this, albeit on their fine print or on their deposit options page.

Lastly, you don’t get to withdraw your winnings when you deposit by SMS. You may be thrilled about depositing in a swish, but you might have to wait three to five business days before a cheque lands on your desk. Are casinos stingy when it comes to letting go of their money? Probably not. That’s because there’s currently no way to return the money via phone bill. Or to teleport the cheque to you any quicker.

What it’s all about?

Casinos that let you deposit by phone bill are great. Although it might seem slightly limiting at first in terms of how much you can deposit and at which casinos you can deposit at, you’ll grow to love its speed and convenience. Most handsets and UK mobile networks support mobile billing and there’s amble customer support available at casinos.

You can take advantage of this deposit method at many UK casinos and even binge sites. And if a mobile casino isn’t concerned about making this feature available to players? You might as well ‘walk’ straight out of their site, slam the door firmly shut and let them fend for themselves. We’ll take our business to our favourite pay by phone casino!

By the way, our sister site – Droid Slots – is always brimming with phone billing news and updates! Make sure you don’t miss the following gems published on the site (links open in a new tab):