Casino VIP Program - Featured ImageMobile casinos have many tricks up their sleeves to draw players in and make them stay. In fact, players tend to love those tricks because they’re beneficial for both sides. We’re talking about various promotions, special offers, events and VIP programmes. Whether they’re beneficial every time is a different matter, though, especially when it comes to the VIP offers. Are they really worth the time and money?


Casino VIP Programmers Offer Different Things

vip cash back bonusThe answer to this question depends on the specific situation and what the casino offers to its loyal players. There are many different practices of rewarding those who play the most and are the most lucrative for the operator. The more generous and fair a casino is, the better the offers tend to be.

Playing at various mobile casinos, you might expect to find all sorts of special offers for the VIP players. The most basic rewards do not differ from the ones offered for regular players too. These might be promotions exclusive for VIPs that grant additional extra spins, deposit matches or cash rewards. Cash back offers are also frequent in the VIP schemes, much less so in regular promotions.

But that’s just the beginning. Casinos that value loyalty will offer a totally different experience in return. High-rollers might enjoy reduced withdrawal times and increased deposit and withdrawal limits. They might get personalised gifts, birthday surprises and even personal account managers. Real-life prizes, such as various trips and tickets to events or experiences, items, e-vouchers or even pizza deliveries, are also in store.

In other cases, casinos will provide an environment exclusively for VIPs. It might be VIP tournaments, personal promotions, games or game features that are only open for the most loyal players. All this tends to make the time at that specific casino much more entertaining than at other sites.

Many self-respectful mobile casinos even have special VIP schemes or VIP programmes that include whole systems of loyalty gratification. Some are only accessible via an invitation. Others are open for everyone as long as they collect enough points. Many have different levels of VIP status which can be reached by fulfilling certain objectives. The higher your level, the better your privileges.


So, Are They Really Worth It?

costs benefits analysisIf you’re a high-roller who likes to stake a lot of money, then it’s a resounding yes. If you’re a regular player, but you play very often and make large and frequent deposits, it’s still a yes. But what if you’re not quite so sure whether you can meet the requirements? What if it’s just a lower VIP level that you can reach?

The key is to evaluate your expenses versus the benefits the VIP programme will bring. When we’re saying expenses, we don’t mean all the wagers you place, though. You should only consider the investments you’re short of in order to reach the desired VIP level. The bets you would already place and deposits you would make in any case don’t matter.

It’s the matter of how much you’re willing to wager at the casino for the sole reason of using VIP programmes. If you think that the exclusive experience, convenience, additional offers and cash back aren’t worth it, then it’s a closed case.

A different problem arises when the casino doesn’t really tell that much about their loyalty bonuses. In this case, you might consider investing some more for a short while, only to see what it’s like. If you enjoy the privileges, you can simply continue playing and prove your loyalty for even better perks. Of course, this strategy might not work at casinos where an invitation is needed or VIP status is permanent rather than given on a monthly basis.


VIP Scheme For Loyalty

vip-rewards-online-casinoAiming for VIP programmes means that you’ll probably miss out on all the other casinos out there. Unless you’re rich enough to be a VIP on many of them, that is. If you’re like most of us, though, you’ll have to choose whether to play on many casinos or be loyal to a single one.

Luckily, this doesn’t apply to some casinos operated by the same company. Sometimes, an operator will cheerfully welcome you to the VIP scheme in all its casinos as long as you’ve passed the VIP requirements at any one of them. Other operators are even willing to offer you the privileges if you prove you’ve been a VIP at any other casino before. Jumpman Gaming Limited and Nektan Limited are the examples here.

However, you will probably have to act like it on each site you enter or the privileges will be removed. So, you’ll eventually have to leave the casino you started with. In essence, you’re free to switch from one casino to another if you get tired of the same stuff while still retaining access to the VIP programme.


The Best VIP Programmes

Here are a few useful leads if you’re thinking of becoming a high-roller at a mobile casino.

Fable Casino – Climbing the steps of this VIP programme isn’t easy, but the rewards pay back in full. You’ll get exclusive customer support and hotline, birthday presents, bonuses, personalised gifts and a personal account manager. All you have to do is play enough, collect points and you’ll reap the benefits in no time.

Sloty CasinoSloty Casino Logo – This casino will reward loyalty with exclusive events and offers, monthly prize draws which include travels around the world, personal withdrawal services, an account manager and more. There are no clear rules as to how you can join, but if you can convince the agents, the rewards here are nothing short of amazing.

Fortune Frenzy Casinologo fortune frenzy – VIP programmes offered by invitation only are probably the most mysterious and usually the most lucrative too. In this casino, you’ll find just the right kind of treatment. It offers cash back, exclusive weekly bonuses, deposit boosts, extra spins and special attention which regular players can never get. What’s better, you can contact the casino anytime and ask them for an invitation to the special ranks right away.