You've seen them all before, all the classic NetEnt mobile slots that are paraded around every online casino. Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Guns ‘N Roses… We all know them by now and we think they're all excellent examples of video slots, blending innovation with fun. NetEnt has quite an extensive library of games but there are many that people are either unaware of or have forgotten about. After all, it's pretty easy to forget — they release games on a regular schedule and each one seems to gain more popularity than the last. So here is our guide to the five most obscure NetEnt mobile slots you should check out asap!

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1. Aliens Mobile Slot

aliens slot machineAhh, yes, that popular movie franchise that everyone knows about! With the latest film, Alien: Covenant, being released this month, it's only appropriate to talk about this one first. Now, we're not saying this one is completely obscure. After all, Aliens is one of the most-watched films of all time.

The fact NetEnt made a slot out of it is an added bonus. But the reason it's on this list is because of two things. Number one, it was made quite some time ago now and has faded into obscurity somewhat, though plenty of casinos still advertise its presence on their site.

Number two, developing slots off licensed properties is more Microgaming's thing. NetEnt are better known for developing their own, original slots which is probably why no one talks about this one any more. Still, it's an entertaining slot to play. And scary, too. Perfectly emulating the atmosphere of the films, it really does give off that Alien vibe that we all know and love.

It's suspenseful and creepy, and NetEnt use the iconography of the films to perfection, mainly because they use characters and alien eggs as special symbols. All the sound and aesthetic is from the James Cameron 1986 blockbuster, so it's entirely authentic. The slot is a 5 x 3 reel with 15 paylines, with the aim of scanning the dark for the dread alien creatures so as not to be devoured by one. There is also a three-level mini-game, adding layers of depth to the slot and building the sense of horror to this sci-fi classic.


2. Attraction Mobile Slot

NetEnt obscureOkay, now we're going into proper obscurity. Attraction is not the kind of slot you might think it is. With that title, you probably assume it's a Valentine's Day themed slow or something. It is, in fact, about a mad scientist experimenting with electricity and magnets. Points to NetEnt for creativity, we suppose! Either way, despite it's lesser known status, Attraction is a fairly popular slot that has a wacky vibe about it that makes it a lot of fun to play.

It's a fairly standard 5 x 3 reel slot with wild symbols, 10 fixed paylines, and free re-spins which you can use to score a win. Attraction was built by NetEnt to operate across all mobile devices so it's definitely for the players who are on-the-go a lot. Some may argue that the theme, though fun, could be a little too childish for adults. But we'd argue that Candy Crush seems very childish to us yet many adults play it.


3. Dead Or Alive Mobile Slot

Dead or Alive Mobile Slot Logo NetEntOnce again a popular slot that has since faded into the background thanks to newer, more popular titles, Dead or Alive was once a hallmark of NetEnt. You can even glimpse the sour-faced looking cowboy that is it's mascot from time to time on the front page of many mobile casinos. With good reason, too! It's a great slot and it really is the one to beat when it comes to Western-themed titles. Another 5 x 3 reel with 9 pay lines, it is another example of a layered experience with extra spins mini bonus game that keeps the slot from becoming dull.

This is probably the one to play if you've watched HBO's latest smash-hit series, Westworld, as it perfectly evokes the atmosphere of the Wild West. The sound design is great, the look of the reel is great, all the symbols look great too. Basically we can't think of a bad thing to say about this one. Nice one, NetEnt. Nice one.


4. Divine Fortune Mobile Slot

NetEnt Divine Fortune SlotThis NetEnt slot is definitely more of an obscure one and that's probably because that this one feels a little more generic than the previous ones. But that, by no means, is a bad thing! Divine Fortune gives you everything you could ask for from a slot based around the theme of Greek myth. This 5 reels slot has 20 paylines, too, which means there are more chances of winning prizes with a minimum of 20p per bet.

The slot is also fairly new, only just coming out in January this year, so of course all the graphics are top-notch and the sound design is spectacular. Scatter symbols can be found throughout the game to help increase your win by giving you up to 12 extra spins. Expanding wilds, too, can cover up the rest of the reel to help you on your merry way to obtaining a cash prize. All the symbols are creatures from Greek myth so that includes Medusa, a Griffin, a Minotaur and a Pegasus.


5. Twin Spin Mobile Slot

Twin Spin Slot FeatureFinally, we get to Twin Spin — NetEnt's answer to making a video slot with all the trappings of a classic slot. You've got all your funky retro colours that perfectly evoke the aesthetic of the 60s and has, as you might have guessed, two reels. Yep, you read that right. Two reels! This makes spinning with this slot a much more enjoyable experience as it would have been with just the one reel.

It means the slot has up to 243 ways to win and every symbol chosen are cloned an synchronized on both. This makes winning twice as likely. This is where NetEnt really shines in terms of innovation. While they'll go on to make more innovative, better slots, this one is still remarkable in its uniqueness. You should definitely check this one out!

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