Paysafecard LogoJust last week we reported that the Paysafe Group (the payment operator behind Paysafecard) was considering a bid from Delta Card to take over the company. While we advised at the time not to worry if you’re a regular Paysafecard depositor, there is the smallest of risks that Paysafecard will be subsumed into Delta never to be seen again.

With this in mind, it’s an imperative for all users of Paysafecard to spend time over the coming months thinking about the alternative payment methods they’d choose to use if it became apparent that Paysafecard were no longer going to be available. With this in mind, we present to you out top pick Paysafecard replacements and why users would love them.


Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

Pay With Your Phone Mobile DepositsRegular readers here at MobileSlots4U will hardly find it surprising that our top recommendation here is mobile phone bill deposits, even such big fans we are anyway. We’re not just being partisan here, though: there are plenty of characteristics shared between this and Paysafecard, which make them perfect for the same kinds of players. Let’s take a look at the aspect we’re talking about here which match up.

First and foremost, both methods are predicated on the idea what there will be many players, who don’t have credit or debit card. That usually means that they’re unable to make use not only of card payments, but also of many e-wallet options that require a bank account or credit or debit card for payments.

If you don’t have access to these or don’t want to use them to gamble, you may already be using Paysafecard, but you might well be able to enjoy the same effects if you simply use phone billing. Related to all this is the fact that both Paysafecard and mobile phone bill deposits can all be used anonymously, meaning your money and information are always safe.



skrill-logo-featureOn the face of things, Skill and Paysafecard are two very different payment methods offering two wildly different services. However, when you start to dig down a little, you quickly discover that there’s more than one reason they might appeal to the same players. You may not have thought about this before, but one element important to plenty of players, and an important part of this conversation, is that of availability.

One of the main reason many players opt to use Paysafecard when they deposit is that, quite frankly, so many casinos accept it as a payment method. While it might not necessarily be a player’s first choice in terms of the features and the way it works, it’s simply so commonly accepted that it’s a wagon worth being hitched to. The same can be said for Skrill, which is becoming so ubiquitous at mobile casinos that it’s almost worth betting on any new site accepting the method.



Neteller Logo The second e-wallet to make it into our list here of payment methods to replace Paysafecard is Neteller. Again, at first glance you might not be able to see much similarity here, but trust us when we say that both Paysafecard and Neteller are going to be great deposit and withdrawal options for the kind of player, who is always preoccupied with thoughts of security and threats to their money.

While Paysafecard keep your money safe by generating codes at random with pre-paid values attached to them, Neteller takes other steps to keep your money and data safe. Payments can only be made from your Neteller account, meaning casinos never get the chance to see your login details and your account is locked not only behind a username and password, but also a randomly generated PIN for that extra layer of security.