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Spinions – Intro

Is there…? Is there something familiar about this game? No, you’re not imagining things. Quickspin have made a slot that was “inspired” by the Minion trend which spawned from the Dispicable Me films (and which we wish would just die already). Spinions Beach Party is, in fact, so similar to the Minions that they pretty much used the name but made it into a pun. This is apparently a big enough change to stop this from being outright plagiarism. It’s debatable whether this game infringes copyright laws, but we’ll let Universal Studios’ lawyers decide that. Seriously, though, they even look like to the real thing. All that aside, though, is this a good game? Let’s find out.

About The Slot
Aside from the obvious, this slot offers up a colourful 5x3 reel with cute characters that behave as wild symbols and earn you extra spins. It’s funky theme allows a sense of fun for the player and. Plus, considering it’s a beach, it’s also very appropriate for the time of year (British weather and all).

So the slot, whether it’s a Minion Rip-off or not, brings a ray of sunshine to our computer screens. The game is completely mobile and was made by Quickspin. It’s a fairly easy game to win on, too, with about average difficulty. The slot may not look like anything special but it’s simple and it works.

Who Are Quickspin?
Quickspin is a Swedish game-making studio that proves to be on top form when developing games of quality. It may not be on the same pedigree as, say, NetEnt, Microgaming or NextGen but they’re fiercely dedicated to making the best games they possibly can. They provide games which can be played all over Europe.

Other games it has in its repertoire include: The Wild ChaseGenie’s Touch, Second Strike and Razortooth — all of which are decent games! It’s aim isn’t to be the biggest but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be. With titles like these, it’ll be easy to imagine them taking off pretty soon in the near future.

We just hope Spinions isn’t the start of a worrying trend. If they see popular things and decide to cash in on it with thinly-veiled plagiarism not only will they get in trouble, they’ll scare away customers. Also, they’ll fail to stand out from the crowd — something that is incredibly important in a saturated market.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that they make games for mobiles and fulfill that criteria beautifully. You can find all their games on Leo Vegas and other pay by phone casinos with massive mobile game portfolios.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Suspiciously Familiar
Despite what we say about their questionable imagination, the game itself is well-designed and the theme is pulled off very well. It certainly doesn’t come across as a rip-off. The sound design is great, the graphics stellar and the transitions so smooth that it’s like magic.

And, we must say, the Spinions aren’t nearly as annoying as the real Minions. If an official slot was made out of them (doubtful because they appeal way too much to children) we can be sure Universal would have them appear on your screen more times than you can count going “BANANA!” No such thing happens in this game, so Minion-haters, you’re safe. You only see the Spinions in the background or as the wild symbols that appear randomly across the reel.

Spinions also comes with an auto-spin feature (standard with a lot of slot games) and offers up some cool cocktail special symbols which help you win. J, K, Q and A are all the the other symbols. And it is all set among palm trees on a white-sanded beach. Yep. That’s life!

What Can Players Get?
Players can bet as little as 25p, a maximum of £100 and the highest winning stake could be 500x your original wager. So if you do bet £100 at once (we don’t recommend it) then you could end up earning £500,000! But that’s if you’re lucky. Even then, it’s hardly the highest jackpot you could earn.

The RTP on average is roughly 96%, making it fairly likely that you’ll win something regularly. We have to say, we like those odds. It makes for some satisfying rewards. And with the extra spin features, this could be even more likely!

So you may be sitting in the Bahamas yourself before you know it. Hopefully you won’t encounter a Minion– er, Spinion while you’re there. But then it might be there to give you more money so don’t be hasty in chucking it into a shark-infested sea.

Game Features: Two Kinds of Re-spins!
Unfortunately, there isn’t much here in terms of features other than two kinds of re-spin features that the player can sink their teeth into. Unlike many slot games which involve a feature a bit more unique to their game (a recent example would be the Mushroom island feature in the Cloud Tales slot), Spinions offers nothing to the table.

And that’s the problem — it isn’t unique and that’s what seriously let’s it down. If the developers had been a little more creative, we might have a slightly better game. Still, let’s look at what the game does have.

Beach Club Re-Spins Feature
To activate the Bonus Club feature, players must get three scatter symbols to appear on the reel. Then the game gives you ten extra spins where wild and sticky symbols are one and the same once again, so long as you manage to get two or more in one spin. If you carry on spinning wild symbols, you could stay stuck on the reels for every subsequent spin.

However, there is a catch — sticky wilds can no longer offer extra spins in this mode and that makes it kind of a bummer. Only ten extra spins can be used per round and you must re-trigger the bonus club if you want any more. Just keep spinning and we’re sure you’ll get them eventually.

Sticky Spinions Re-spins Feature
Wild sticky repins are triggered when two or more wild symbols appear on the reel at the same time. A similar ting happened with Quickspin’s previous title, The Wild Chase, which allows you to easily acquire these respins.

But what differentiates the two the most is that Spinions potentially has more extra spins to offer than Wild Chase. Even if your wilds aren’t part of any kind of win, they will activate the extra spins, hanging onto the reel as sticky wilds. As long as you get more wilds each time, you’ll keep getting re-spins.

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