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Sweet 27 — Intro

Got a sweet tooth? Grab some sweets first then, because you’ll definitely crave for something sweet while reading this review. Sweet 27 by Play ‘n GO is all about the sugary treats and the more of them – the better.

Based on the aesthetics of a mid-twentieth century restaurant, this classic slot has a simple, but exciting modern twist, making this brand new game stand out from the crowd of classic slots. While the game cannot compete with many other new mobile slot releases in terms of the sheer amount of features, it definitely has its own vibe and an exciting gameplay for a classic kind of slot.

About The Slot

Sweet 27 has a classic 3x3 reel layout and 27 paylines, which means that if the same symbol appears anywhere on each adjacent slot, it’s a legit payline. In other words, it’s a classic equivalent of a 5x5 slot with 243 paylines. In Sweet 27, each such payline rewards anything from 1x to 5x your original bet.

You might think this is a low variance mobile slot that allows you to win up to 135x your bet in a single spin. Wrong. Remember the modern twist we already mentioned? We’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s just say that the maximum amount you can win in a single spin is actually worth 1,758x your bet. In terms of this statistic, Sweet 27 beats many 5x5 reel layout games. Whoever said that classic slots are just not worth it, they couldn’t say it now.

The slot features seven different symbols. Paylines of sugar-coated oranges and cherries are worth 1x your bet. Strawberries with cream and blueberries are worth 2x your bet. Candy-striped sevens and chocolate bars (see what Play ’n GO did there?) are worth 3x your bet. The seventh symbol is a casino chip that acts as a wild. Wilds are worth 5x your bet and they can trigger some exciting features.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?

Sweet 27 justifies its name in many aspects. It’s that sweet! The performance on mobiles is outstanding and causes no lags whatsoever, even after some time of continuous play. There are no tiny buttons that you’d struggle with and possibly miss. There are not many buttons at all, for that matter, because the interface is very simple and cosy. You’ll feel just like sitting in one of those restaurants that most of us only know from the movies.

The music helps to get you into that retro mood, too. It’s very cheerful, playful and it fits the visuals perfectly. Talking about these, we were happy with what Play ‘n GO achieved, as all the different colours surprisingly fit into a pleasant whole. Although there are very little animations involved, the flashing colours and a few sparkles here and there after a win made us enjoy this mobile slot just a tiny bit more.

Game Features


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Game Feature – Rolling Wild: Extra Spins and Multipliers

Ok, so here’s the modern twist Play n’ GO went for. All of these features are actually just one mechanic that’s called Rolling Wild. A rolling wild is any wild symbol that lands on the third reel. When it does, it grants you two extra spins. During the first extra spin this wild symbol rolls into the second reel and during the second extra spin it ends up in the first reel before disappearing altogether, possibly giving you payouts in many lines at once.

What’s even better is that this feature can be re-triggered. Each time a wild lands on the third reel during a extra spin, it will immediately reset your extra spin counter to two and, on top of that, you’ll get an 2x multiplier for these extra spins. If you manage to re-trigger Rolling Wilds again, you’ll get an 3x multiplier.

This feature can be re-triggered up to nine times, although the multiplier has a cap of 3x. In any case, this can still net you a neat win. Each time it is re-triggered, you’ll have two extra spins again and the multiplier will stay for as long as you keep landing those wilds, or until you re-trigger it nine times in a row. So, you can win up to 20 extra spins every time you make a bet!

Rolling Wild is the only feature in this mobile slot but it can make it so exciting that no other features are actually necessary. Nonetheless, players who enjoy diverse gameplay and games packed with dozen bonuses will likely not return to this one for a second sitting.

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