gemix-mobile-slot-seven-reels-large-gridThe very first online and mobile slots had three reels and a single payline. Compared to these, modern mobile slots are much larger and way more complex. They often have five reels and three or five lines each.

But that’s still far from the boundaries that slot developers have pushed in terms of how big a slot layout can be. There are examples of 9×9 or 5×8 grids, although they’re exceptionally rare. Are such mega mobile slots worth your attention? Let’s find out.


Large Grid Isn’t The Only Difference

Why are these mega mobile slots so uncommon? It might make sense to think that enormous grids didn’t meet the expectations the developers had for them. Maybe they’re too confusing or maybe it’s the fact that they look more like social games a la Candy Crush, than mobile slots. Could it be that the players simply hate large grids just as they often hate classic slots with a 3×3 layout?

Whatever the answer may be, mobile slots with many reels and large grids are distinct in many more aspects. They often sport unusual gameplay mechanics and bonus features or combinations of them. That’s what we’re going to take a deeper look at.


More Paylines Or No Paylines

aloha-cluster-pays-large-grid-slotsMega mobile slots often have a lot of paylines – or none at all. While regular slots often have 10 to 30 payout lines, games with many reels can have up to 100. That’s the number Apollo Rising can boast of. Similarly, Power Plant has 82 ways to win. Both games have a 5×8 reel layout, so it’s only natural that the paylines here are rather unusual and very exciting.

On the other hand, a number of slots featuring more than 5 reels have no paylines whatsoever. They reward players for landing clusters and there’s no left-to-right rule. All ways win, as long as identical symbols are adjacent to each other. That’s the case of Gemix and Aloha Cluster Pays, among many other examples.

Talking about mobile slots without paylines, Candy Cash is also one of them and it has a colossal 9×9 grid. The title of this game says all about it. Reminiscent of another popular mobile game, the main difference here is that you play for cash. It’s understandable why slot lovers wouldn’t play this one – the columns look nothing like reels and it feels like a game for kids. But not all mega mobile slots look like that.

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Exceptional Special Features

large-grid-slot-viking-runecraftTake, for example, one of the newest masterpieces by Play‘n GO – Viking Runecraft. This badass game has a 7×7 grid and pays for clusters of five or more adjacent symbols. You can also win many times in a single spin and the more you do, the more bonus features you activate.

These affect the grid in many ways from burning and replacing symbols to calling out a snake that slithers through the grid, devouring symbols along the way. Plus, there are 4,000 levels (including Valhalla) to get through, an in-game jackpot and more. All the features work together to bring hours of excitement.

Power Plant – another relatively new slot developed by Yggdrasil – features just as exciting, yet totally different set of features. It has a unique 5×8 layout and stacked wilds. The more of them you land at once, the more extra bonuses you get. These include turning regular symbols into wilds, nudging reels and swapping symbols. As you can imagine, having stacked wilds and additional special features result in handsome wins.

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Cascading Reels

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play GameplayAnother thing that regular mobile slots don’t have is a mechanic called cascading or tumbling reels. What it means is that when a number of symbols net you a win, they disappear and the symbols above fall down into their place. Then, more symbols appear from the top to fill out the empty spaces left above. When this happens, the game checks if there are more scoring symbols.

This happens in a single turn, which means that you can score many times in a single spin as long as there are winning combinations. This mechanic is usually paired with clustering, so mobile slots that have both paylines and cascading reels are extremely rare. The already mentioned Viking Runecraft and Gemix have this feature, as well as Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play by IGT.


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More Reels Don’t Mean More Payouts

large-grid-mega-mobile-slotsIf a slot has more paylines than usual, it doesn’t mean that it’s easier to win. Similarly, a game that has lots of reels doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll win more frequently or claim bigger rewards. It all depends on the gameplay mechanic.

Obviously, a slot that has many stacked symbols (like Power Plant) won’t have vertical paylines and cluster-based wins. Well, Aloha is an exception to that, but it requires a minimum of nine adjacent symbols, which isn’t very easy to achieve on a 5×6 layout.

Also, it very much depends on the RTP. Mega mobile slots have different RTP rates and these can be anywhere between 92% and 98%, just like with all the mobile slots. The same applies to variance. Despite large grid and all-ways-win mechanic, Viking Runecraft is considered a rather high variance slot.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether mega mobile slots are worth your attention. They’re different, for one thing, so if all the mobile slots start looking the same to you, you should definitely try something from this list. On top of that, you’ll learn how a mobile slot can look. So, when looking for new slots in the future, you’ll have a better idea of what’s actually innovative and what’s already out there.