Xing Guardian

Enter the mythical kingdom with the Xing Guardian mobile slot by NextGen, featuring 1,024 ways to win

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Xing Guardian – Intro

Welcome to this mythical oriental kingdom where dragons breathe (wild) fires into the reels and mythical animals of the zodiac control every player’s fortunes. You’ll master the four basic elements—Earth, Fire, Water and Wind and earn your hefty reward from the Xing Princess. Your guardian will bring you across a magical ancient valley protecting your from harm’s way and rewarding you for embarking on this journey with her.

NextGen has created a new visual, gaming masterpiece titled Xing Guardian. This new slot packs 1,024 ways to win and a unique locked reels feature, where all five reels can “lock” together and spin in unison. You have to play it to understand the magic.

About The Slot
Xing Guardian mobile slot is a classic NextGen production. The general feel that you get on the reels is as if the developers got inspiration for symbols and other aspects from their wildest dreams. Bold colours and mythical creatures are prominent in this game. Xing Guardian itself sports a 5x4 reel layout with 1,024 ways to win.

Another classic NextGen Gaming feature in this game is its super high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.1%. This is way above the industry average of 96%. This just means more frequent wins and a bigger smile on our faces. The frequent wins that you get in the base game will mostly be of smaller wins, but when you do trigger some of the bonus features, that is when the payouts sky rocket and truly will be in your favour. The most impressive part of the gameplay is that you can win up to 850x your wager in a single spin.

A wide range of bets are accepted here at Xing Guardian, with the minimum wager accepted being 50p and the maximum being £125. Given the RTP of 97.1%, it shouldn’t be at all difficult to maintain you bank balance playing this game. Trigger the stacked wilds once in a while, and you should be getting back more than you have spent. One thing for sure, Xing Guardian in wallet friendly.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Xing Guardian is a very focused slot. All audio visual aspects in this game are geared to do just one thing – to grab your attention. The soundtrack is uplifting, and the graphics throughout is stunningly designed and on point. That brings me to my next point, all the symbols and visual aspects in this game has enabled the theme that was executed by NextGen in this game. For a fictional Chinese Mythical game in a fantasy like setting, for one second you may have even guessed that this game was actually based on a real mythology. You would have guessed wrong, everything in this game is fictional. See my point now?

Animations when you spin the reels are pretty much perfect, giving the game a crisp feel to it. This is prevalently seen when in both the wild stacks feature and the Xing Guardian Locked Reel Feature. One thing that I liked about this game is that NextGen paid a lot of attention to the details making the mythological theme that much more interesting.


Game Features


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Game Features: Locked Reels, Extra Spins!
Here come the interesting bits. The Xing Guardian mobile slot sports four bonus features, and even by NextGen’s standards this is quite a bit more than what I expected. I won’t be complaining though, the more the better for us players. I feel that as time progresses, slot developers are just improving themselves at commendable rates.

The first and most obvious feature in this game is the extra spins. To trigger this feature you will need at least three scatter symbols anywhere on your reels. NextGen will straight up award you with 10 extra spins no questions asked as you activate the feature. No low-balling of any kind whatsoever. On every extra spin, the locked reel feature will be activated, significantly increasing your winning chances as it will give you more stacked wilds.

The most interesting feature in this game is arguably the Xing Guardian Locked Reels. This feature is pretty straight forward and the way it works is that at any point of time, adjacent reels may lock and spin together to get you similar symbols in every locked row completing massive amount of paylines.

More often than not, you will only have two or three reels locked together. Getting four or five locked reels is super rare and I never activated that once in 30 minutes of solid gaming. Not blaming anyone here, but I still wish that it was a tad easier to trigger the four or five locked reels.

Next up are both the stacked wilds and the Rise of the Dragon Stacked Wilds. Wild symbols in this game come in the form of the Xing Guardian and she completes winning paylines for you. The Dragon Stacked Wilds however appears in the form of a dragon on your reels and when he leaves, a stack of wild symbols will take his place. Frankly speaking, Wilds are plenty in this game and the sole reason of why payouts are frequent.

Xing Guardian — Wilds Galore!
As you may have guessed it, the feature that gives this game life is the Wilds! Having played this game for over thirty minutes, the feature that gets triggered most often is the Wilds. Trust me on this, when you see Wild symbols just landing everywhere on your reels and start forming stacks, you will start wishing that it never stopped. Better still if all of this happens during your extra spins!

This was actually a difficult decision to make on my end. As much as the wilds were profitable the more interesting feature is arguably the Xing Guardian Locked Reels. Just watching it lock and spin together and creating similar symbols is nothing short of breath taking.

To top it off, this locked reels feature is something that we don’t see quite often in other mobile slot games. Personally, I find this feature quite innovative. I mean, it’s not ground breaking by all means, but the simplicity of it and how it contributes to your payouts by quite a bit is definitely impressive. Overall, Xing Guardian is a solid game in all aspects.

Want to play Xing Guardian?

Xing Guardian mobile slot is a real life exotic fantasy in the form of a slot. With the 1024 ways to win and features that are engineered to maximize payouts, you are up for a really good time.

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