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Spectra – Intro

Minimalism – it’s the movement du jour. Fashion, interior design, graphic design and game design; these are few of the industries that have caught onto the minimalist trend. Now, the slots gaming industry has produced its own iteration with Spectra. Launched in early September 2016, Spectra is pared down and low-key. You’ll see that the slot is filled with simple shapes. Instead of complex game mechanics and minute character details, the slot packs a Stacked Wild symbol coupled with a Wild Nudge and Wild Re-spin feature.

The latter two features are backed by a powerful optimization engine too, one that maximizes the chances of winning on every spin! It’ll give you free re-spins when you’ve nearly missed out on a Wild win and nudge the reels to adjust the position of the stack. Well, do all these features translate into a profitable gaming session? Read on to find out.

About The Slot
Spectra uses a 5x4 reel configuration, from which there are 30 possible paylines. These reels are populated with a classic selection of slot symbols, such as the BAR, 7’s, golden bells and four leaf clovers. Besides these, there are simple shapes including pentagons, diamonds, circles, triangles and squares. The highest paying symbols are the BAR and 7s. The number of paylines are fixed, which means that you can’t play with lesser paylines for a smaller bet size.

Spectra accepts bets between 10p and £100. There are 14 pre-set slot denominations and you just click on the button with the dollar symbol on it to choose your preferred setting. The game really caters to players of all different budget sizes. Not to mention, I could play this game on pay days and “broke” days alike.

Every slot game is rated with a certain payout percentage (also known as return to player percentage), which marks the frequency and size of payouts that players will enjoy. Spectra has a payout percentage of 96.4%, a relatively standard percentage in comparison with all slots in the market. The hit rate of the game is 21.9%, which means that you’ll get a payout (of any size)one out of every five spins. Please be warned that these percentages are an average performance rating and were calculated over thousands of spins.

On a regular, “not particularly lucky” gaming session, I received a few payouts of about 10-15x your wager. Theoretically, there is a 1 in 535 chance to score mega wins of more than 40x your bet. We’ve got to be ready to invest that much time and money in hunting down a Mega Win on Spectra, but these are much better returns than the lottery, wouldn’t you say?

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
As you can guess from its name, Spectra is all about the colours of the rainbow. Its minimalist style uses outlines of simple shapes – pentagons, diamonds, squares and so on – that are all coloured with beautiful gradients. These symbols emanate a slight glow too, much like the sci-fi movie Tron, and are set against an inky background. Personally, I think that they pulled off the style very well. Spectra looks utterly gorgeous and visually striking.

I looked up other slot reviews about Spectra and found some folks arguing that the style isn’t exactly fresh. They mentioned other games that have already paved the way, such as Neon Reels. I beg to differ. Neon Reels may have done the dark background and simple symbols, but from a more maximalist, Las Vegas aesthetic! As with all Thunderkick slots (or indeed all slots in today’s gaming landscape), Spectra can be played from any desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Game Features


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Game Features: Extra Spins, Nudging & Collective Wilds!
Spectra’s Wild symbol is a multi-tasking superhero. Identifying itself by a multi-coloured “W” symbol, it delivers riches in three wonderful ways: by appearing “stacked” or in groups of four, awarding re-spins and nudging along the reels. Let’s break it down further to understand how each function works:

Wild symbols in Spectra are stacked, meaning that they are connected in the reels in groups of four. In other words, it always increases your chances of completing a winning payline by 3 to 4 times! Since the reel setup is only 4 symbols high, you’ll always land yourself a minimum of three Wild symbols on the board at all times.

Whenever a Wild falls on a payline, the game automatically triggers a free re-spin. The game even triggers re-spins when a Wild is adjacent to the payline (i.e. one spot away from completing the payline). Treat it as compensation. The game wants to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck though. It’ll keep giving you another free re-spin until the wild shows up on the screen.

If only three of the four Stacked Wilds show up on the screen, the Wilds will nudge itself up or down the reels so that the stack fills the board completely. Talk about reel optimization! The game designers in Spectra wanted to ensure that players got the highest chances of winning in each spin!

These Wild symbols come into action pretty frequently in a regular gaming session, so you’ll never feel bored and your bankroll will always stay in check. Of course, the game can’t promise big wins on every occurrence of the Wild symbol, but the chances for fortune are pretty good. Much higher than with Wild symbols in other slot games, that’s for sure.

In fact, I’ve seen a game screenshot whereby the entire board was filled with Wild symbols! If that occurs, you’ll walk away with the highest payouts ever – 2400x your bet! If you’re looking for more slot games that have gotten clever with their Wild symbols, be sure to also check out Magicious (also by Thunderkick) and Starburst by NetEnt. Both of these games include an advanced Expanding Wild that covers the entire reel and doles out cash wins.

Spectra – Brand New Innovative Features
Indeed, Spectra is in a world apart from the rest of Thunderkick’s slot portfolio. Thunderkick’s slots are known for being bold. Their games usually promise a full-blown entertainment experience, with detailed storylines, thoughtfully-designed characters, novel features and cutting-edge animation.

Barber Shop is an illustration masterpiece, complete with hilarious cartoons and tiny, tiny details. Esqueleto Explosivo is, as its name suggests, mind-blowing! That entire game is drawn and animated down to a tee. With so many great games already in its arsenal, some Thunderkick fans may have been expecting another totally unique slot that changes the slot landscape. Spectra is a bit more understated.

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Spectra’s designers played around with different timing triggers and delivered a thrilling slot experience. Your adrenaline and enjoyment doesn’t just ebb and flow; it spikes and dives!

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