types of mobile slotLet’s be honest here — when we play an online slot, we all want that huge jackpot that comes with it even though we recognise that the chances of doing so are very slim. For every 5 x 3 reel slot, the odds of winning are 1 in 264,000 spins. Yet there’s still that slight, slight chance that we would get it. It’s the whole reason why we gamble.  But what if we told you there was a way to decrease that amount? What if we told you that, if you used the ‘Gamble’ feature on your favourite online slot, you could get a small fortune the next time you play? Here are five tips on how to use the Gamble feature correctly and how to get the most out of your online gambling experience.


What is the Gamble Feature you ask? It’s the device which appears on some online slots and some online video poker  where, if the player chooses to do so, can double their bet or lose it all. It’s a risky venture and takes great caution to use wisely.


1. Use Sparingly

cautionIf the online slot you’re playing does feature the ‘Gamble Feature’ then it’s best that you hold your horses and not use it straight away. When you have collected a safe amount of money then by all means but even then you should not use it frequently.

If you know anything about the Gamble Feature then you’d probably think this is obvious. Even then, it’s very easy to be lead astray. The Gamble Feature is notorious for the risk involved. You could end up losing all of your money if you jump in straight away and be reckless with your money. So be careful and try not to get carried away!


2. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Money

Hand Offering Free Money PoundsThis one should be obvious too, however for new players not so much. We would recommend that before you use the Gamble Feature that you don’t have money which you cannot afford to lose. Don’t spend outside your moneys, of course, bit if you win back enough money then we recommend that you use that to gamble with so technically you haven’t lost anything if you do.

This rule could apply to all gambling really, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind with this situation as it could mean the difference between winning big and becoming skint.


3. Cash out Half Your Winnings

Withdrawal IconIf, by a lucky streak, the Gamble Feature pays off for you and you win a lot of money, the best thing you could do is cash half of that money out and keep it. That way if you lose the other half, you still got money that you won. Not all slots that have a Gamble Feature allow you to do this, however, so we recommend that you check before playing.

You don’t want to find yourself in a pickle when you don’t want to gamble all your winnings away, but can’t because you’re in the middle of a game. This is especially awkward when you’re on a winning streak and you have no choice but to cash out all your winnings because the slot doesn’t allow you to do half. A bit of research goes a long way so be sure to carry it out before playing.

4. Quit While You’re Ahead

quit while youre ahead all the best gamblers do baltasar gracianSimilar to points 1 and 3, when handling the Gamble Feature of any online slot machine, it’s best not to get too carried away. We recommend using it no more than two or three times, even less if you make a big win. Why? Because it’s all too easy to throw it all away and lose it all. We know what an adrenaline rush a win can inspire in players, so we must implore you to keep this in check if you want to keep your winnings.

This is why we’ve stressed the point of ensuring you deposit half of your winnings before making any more bets. If you double your money, excellent! We’re proud of you. If you lose it then at least you have the cashed out winnings to fall back on.


5. Do Not Use As A Last Resort

panic disorderIf all hope is lost on your gambling venture and you’re down to your last pennies, you may resort to desperate measures to secure a win. You could double your money if you use the Gamble Feature, right? It’s got to be worth a shot.

As much as we admire your bravery, we must advise you NOT TO DO THIS! While it is true the odds are slightly better on the Gamble Feature than they are by just spinning the slot reel, it requires a much larger stake and it’s not worth the risk of losing. We either encourage you to stop playing or just try your luck spinning the reel.