Sscratch cardscratch cards — they’re really odd when you come to think about it. I mean, they are probably the only form of gambling that’s based entirely on luck. Other forms of gambling, such as Roulette, involve some kind of strategy even if that strategy is as simple as not going too crazy on your bet.

Scratch cards involve no such line of thinking. Your win is entirely within the lap of the gods. It’s like the lottery — random, unbiased and completely reliant on chance. You could spend hundreds on scratch cards and get nothing whilst your neighbour could buy their first scratch card ever and win thousands of pounds!

Online instant win scratch cards are just the same. You can play them at many mobile casinos and they operate on almost the same level. But what makes them so peculiar? Here at MobileSlots4U, we try to find out.


What Are Instant Win Scratch Cards?

scratchcardsScratch cards are called instant win because they’re just that — you could have an instant prize of cash. You ‘scratch’ off each square of a grid which has a hidden symbol behind each one. Depending on how many you align, you could end up winning thousands of pounds. Or you could just end up winning a fiver. But that’s how it works.

Like we said in this intro, the entire system is based on luck and it’s incredibly addictive. You find yourself caught in the loop of saying: “Maybe the next one… Or the next one…” until you find that you’vine spent more money than you meant to and by the time you’ve one something back, you’ll just get back the money you already spent.


What Makes Them So Special?

3wow from hopa mobileOddly enough, you’re probably more likely to win money on a scratch card than you are on a mobile slot though the odds are still very slim. Even if its just a small amount, you could probably win a free tenner on a scratch card you just happened to buy whilst it took you more than a hundred pounds to spin that slot and get anything back.

It’s all a case of luck. Just pure luck. And whether you get a thrill out of that is entirely down to the person  playing these scratch cards. However, there are many who this sort of thing being completely out of their control. It’s always best to feel in control of a game then leave it entirely within the hand of fate to decide.


Where Can I Find Online Scratch Cards?

There are a number of mobile casinos that offer the player scratch cards. Most of them can be found under their own category on every website they’re available with, making them relatively easy to find. We’ve assembled of list of the best places to find them. has many scratch cards available. many of them being Marvel Heroes scratch cards or licensed properties in general such as the Pink Panther, Gladiator and the Mummy. And many of them offer great prizes. For instance, on the X-Men scratch card, you could win up to £100! That is’t all they have to offer, though. Download today and you could get £100 in deposit bonuses to play with, plus 200 free spins.

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Mansion Casino

mansion casino logoMansion Casino also offers a few Marvel Heroes scratch games including Thor and Avengers but most of its content are originals provided by Playtech. On Avengers, you can gain up to 500x your original wager if you get those lucky Avenger symbols. Join Mansion today and you could get up to £200 in deposit bonuses.

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Mini Mobile Casino LogoThis simple, clean website has few scratch cards, but all of them are unique in their own way, not based of licensed properties. This casino works great for both mobile and desktop and promotions which include a 100% welcome bonus and a mid-week surprise! That’s more than enough reason to be playing scratch cards at this casino.

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