NetEnt is synonymous with mobile slot games. If you play online slots for any period of time, you’ll start to quickly notice the NetEnt name all over the place. It appears in the player favourites section of the casino, the most played and most notably, nearly every casino promotion will mention a NetEnt slot if they’re giving away rewards like extra spins.

NetEnt has thoroughly conquered the online casino and they’ve done it through providing players with great looking slots, which run well, can offer big payouts and try their best to add innovative and creative features with each new release. Every single new NetEnt slot takes the casino industry further ahead, that’s simply how creative and continually boundary pushing NetEnt is. So in celebration of that, let’s take a look at a brief history of NetEnt, what their best games are and most importantly, where you can play those games for yourself.


NetEnt: Pushing The Boundaries For The Casino Industry

NetEnt Live RouletteNetEnt have been in the game for over 20 years at this point and still continue to be pioneers in the industry. NetEnt have innovated not only in terms of gameplay, but also redefined the relationship between the slot game and the casino.

NetEnt have also branched into entirely separate areas of the casino, producing not only industry standard slot games, but also developing their own range of casino table games and even a live casino library which rivals other big names like Evolution Gaming.

NetEnt have produced slots which remain very much in the public eye, with their greatest successes being Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, two slots which continue to be the most played slot games at the casino and are always present in casino promotions, even though they’re several years old. NetEnt have managed to stay so prominent in the world of online gambling, because they’ve always been prepared to adapt to the changing technology.

When mobile casinos started growing as mobiles became a more popular way for players to gamble, NetEnt reworked its technology, optimising their games so they could run on lower powered mobiles. netent-touchOne major step they took a few years ago was developing their Touch technology, which meant that the mobile versions of their games were easier to develop and therefore could be released on the same day as their desktop counterparts.

That meant that more players could play NetEnt slots quicker on any of their devices when compared to the output of other slot developers. NetEnt are doing a similar move by being the first company to release 3D VR versions of their big name slots, putting their foot in the door of the emerging virtual reality casino market that is set to explode in the next few years.

Finally, NetEnt have also completely reworked the relationship between the casino and the slot developer when it comes to promotions. NetEnt were one of the first companies to developer their own promotional platform, which meant that they could host promotions on the slot game itself and not require the casino to host a promotion on their behalf.

Because of NetEnt, you can now play in more promotions than ever before, since every month NetEnt are hosting a whole new competition or promotion on their slots, which you can play for at any casino which hosts a NetEnt game. NetEnt always strive to meet the demands of the casino industry, and with their reputation still holding strong, there’s no question that there’ll be able to do the same for another 20 years.


The 5 NetEnt Slots Which You Need To Play

Narrowing down NetEnt slots is like picking your favourite raindrops during a storm. Even with that hurdle against us, we’ve tried to create a top 5 list which encapsulates what makes NetEnt special. While these aren’t necessarily the only NetEnt slots you should play, as really you should give all of them a go, these are the NetEnt slots which cover all the areas which highlight why NetEnt is so popular with casino goers, so you can get the best from NetEnt right away.


5. Starburst — A Casino Classic

starburst slotStarburst isn’t exactly the most creative that NetEnt have ever been, but it’s hit a chord with players and for sheer staying power alone, Starburst has to make our list. If you ever see a welcome promotion which features a NetEnt slot (which most of them do), then Starburst is likely to be the slot game where any bonuses will be applied to.

Starburst is a space age looking slot, which has satisfying sound effects and visuals which hammer home every win you make. It comes with a super combo feature which allows you to earn big wins and a extra spins bonus feature that also helps you earn some bigger payouts. Overall, if you want a slot which can give you the most rewards within the slot itself and through casino promotions, then Starburst is one of the NetEnt slots you should play.


4. Butterfly Staxx — Relaxing And Straightforward

butterfly staxx slotButterfly Staxx is a newcomer to the NetEnt library, but it’s a perfect example of how NetEnt can do a lot with very little. Butterfly Staxx is noticeably less flashy than NetEnt’s previous releases, instead going for a zen atmosphere to relax the player. Butterfly Staxx’s gameplay revolves around butterfly symbols which will head on over to the left hand side of the reels every time you spin them.

These butterfly symbols act as sticky symbols which also give players a free re-spin every time you spin fresh butterflies, with the same mechanic leading into the extra spins bonus feature as well. There’s very little going on here in terms of gameplay, but what’s left is a calming slot which has the potential to bring players satisfying wins.


3. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem — As Much Mayhem As The Name Suggests

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem - MultiplierDrive: Multiplier Mayhem is what you get when NetEnt turns up the heat from a calming slot like Butterfly Staxx and aims to bring the player pure mayhem. Drive delivers on both parts of its name, giving players a hectic drag race slot theme, complete with multipliers that players will struggle to keep up with.

Every single wild symbol on the slot gives players an additional multiplier and this mechanic is taken into the extra spins bonus round as well, which sees players racing against other drag racers to see who can spin the most wilds, knock up their multipliers and pull ahead to the win the race and eventually the grand championship. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is the slot for you.


2. Aloha Cluster Pays — An Innovative New Slot Design

aloha cluster pays cluster slotNetEnt often attempts a completely new take on what a slot game can be and more often than not, they pull it off. Aloha Cluster Pays is a perfect example of NetEnt experimenting with a new form of slot and perfectly pulling it off the first time round. Instead of a standard pay line system, Aloha Cluster Pays is a cluster slot, which counts your wins depending on how many of the same symbol are clustered together.

In many ways, this is an improvement over the regular pay line system, as it’s instantly recognisable whether you’ve made a win or not. Its fast pace, simpler visuals and rewarding payouts make Aloha Cluster Pays one of NetEnt’s greatest achievements.


1. Guns ‘N’ Roses – All Of The Above Rolled Into One

Guns N Roses NetEnt Slot - Wild WinGuns ‘N’ Roses is our personal favourite slot for one simple reason. Remember all those above reasons why we liked NetEnt’s other slots: the great visuals, great sound, innovative features and lots of bonuses. Well Guns ‘N’ Roses takes all those features, packs them into one single game and turns it up to 11.

What you get is a slot game which looks great, has an epic soundtrack in the form of actual Guns ‘N’ Roses hits and then a handful of bonus features which are original and come at you thick and fast. If you want a slot that plays harder than any you’ve ever experienced before, then Guns ‘N’ Roses will do that and more, proving to you once and for all, why NetEnt are the best there is.


The Best NetEnt Casinos To Play With

NetEnt slots are hardly difficult to find, as they take up a pride of place at nearly every single online casino. In fact, our general advice would be to avoid casinos which don’t host NetEnt slot games, unless they’re providing some kind of other niche service that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s just how good NetEnt slots are, and how integral they are to a satisfying time at the casinos. So without any further delay, here’s our 5 top casinos where you should play your NetEnt slots.


Leo Vegas Mobile Casino

leo vegas birthdayLeo Vegas Casino is one of the biggest casinos out there and it frequently wants to reinforce that reputation by providing players with bigger everything. Bigger promotions, bigger competitions and a bigger library of games. One major part of its library of games are its NetEnt slots and NetEnt casino table games.

If you want to experience everything that NetEnt has to offer, across all its gaming genres, then Leo Vegas has that covered for you. By heading over to Leo Vegas right now, you can net yourself several hundred extra spins on a range of major NetEnt slots, as well as over £1,000 worth of free bonus cash, which you can also use to spend playing excellent NetEnt games.

Play Great NetEnt Slots At Leo Vegas Casino!


Casumo Mobile Casino

Casumo Casino LogoCasumo is a starting point for players who want to play the best slots in the industry. It hosts slot games from effectively every major slot developer, with NetEnt being one of their key slot makers. Casumo is significant for casino players because it’s one of the best gamified casinos out there. A gamified casino is one which tracks your progress through the casino, taking note of the games you play, when you log in and when you’ve last deposited, so it can reward you the way you need to be rewarded.

Instead of just giving base line rewards that are a one size fits all solution, Casumo dishes out rewards that are tailor made for every player, so if you’re a fan of NetEnt slots and play NetEnt games at Casumo, then you’re in for a treat when you get rewarded with NetEnt based bonuses.

Enjoy A Gamified Casino With Casumo!


Guts Mobile Casino

Guts Casino Logo Featured ImageGuts Casino is one of the few casinos out there which promises truly extra spins with its welcome bonus and promotions. Players can sign in with Guts Casino and get 100 absolutely extra spins which they can play on any NetEnt slots. When you sign up with Guts Casino, you get rewarded with even more ways to play your NetEnt games and walk away with winnings which you can cash out straight away.

Guts Casino hosts NetEnt slots from their first day of release, with desktop, tablet and mobile versions of their games available from day one. You can head over to Guts Casino right now, grab your extra spins, enjoy all the top 5 best NetEnt slot games that we listed and then go and get some more extra spins with their excellent range of weekly promotions.

Get Truly Extra Spins For NetEnt Games At Guts!


Mr Green Mobile Casino

Mr Green Premier League PromoMr Green is the one NetEnt casino on this list, which can promise even more NetEnt content than any other. Mr Green currently has two absolutely exclusive NetEnt slots available on its casino. At any one time, Mr Green has a completely exclusive slot known as The Marvelous Mr Green, which was made specifically for Mr Green by NetEnt. Mr Green Casino also has a timed exclusive on a NetEnt game, with new NetEnt games making an appearance every few months before being switched out for an all new timed exclusive.

Mr Green provides players with more NetEnt slots than ever, great promotions and 24/7 reel races to top it all off. At any time, you can join Mr Green Reel Thrills in order to play reel races on your favourite NetEnt games and put yourself in the running to win even larger prize pools.

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