Mobile phone billing is one of the best ways for mobile gamblers to make payments at their mobile casinos. If you're playing on your mobile, then doesn't it make sense to also pay on your mobile as well, freeing you up from having to enter long card details or risk having to log into your e-wallet in public. is one of those casinos which knows that a mobile player needs a mobile payment system if they want to stay safe, stay efficient and possibly save some cash due to the inbuilt depositing limits that mobile payments protect you with. In our video guide, we'll show you how you can pay by phone using your mobile at

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How To Pay By Phone At

Here is all you need to do to mobile phone bill deposit with First sign into your account and then head to the deposit screen, which can be accessed by clicking the green deposit button, which is always visible at the bottom left hand corner of the casino lobby.

You’ll then need to select the “pay by mobile” deposit option, which is powered by Boku mobile. You’ll then be asked to enter the amount you wish to deposit, which can be as low as £5 and up to a maximum of £30 each day.

After this, you’ll then need to enter your mobile phone number. This will be saved by the system, so you can select it from a drop down option on subsequent payments. Once you confirm your mobile number, you’ll be sent an SMS text confirming that you want to make a deposit. All you need to do is head to the messaging app on your mobile phone and respond to this text with the letter “Y”. If successful you’ll immediately receive another text confirming that your payment has gone through.

If you head back to in your browser, the casino will also confirm that the payment has been made and your credit should now be visible in your casino wallet at the bottom of the screen. You can now play any of the available games at

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