trustly logoOnce a fledgling new mobile payment system, Trustly has well and truly proven its worth and is now here to stay. Since 2008, Trustly was being piloted in Scandinavian territories, with its main goal to prove that you can have a practical and simple to use mobile banking service, which can be used for every day transactions, from online shopping all the way to casino deposits.

After many years of trialing the service in Northern Europe, in the last year or so, Trustly finally made its long awaited leap into the UK. There, it has quickly gone head to head with long standing mobile payment services and come out on top. If you’ve been seeing the name Trustly around and wanted to know what it is, then look no further than this mobile phone depositing guide. It is going to look at, in depth, what Trustly is and how it can improve your mobile casino banking.


What Is Trustly — Bank Account Or E-wallet?

use a credit card to deposit moneyUp until now, players have been used to very segregated forms of payments. Players who like to make payments straight from their bank will likely use a credit card or debit card in order to deposit cash straight from their bank account into their casino. Although this comes with the added tedium of entering your long card details into every casino you sign up to, as well as having to risk having your banking data stored on numerous casinos, it does overall make managing your money much easier.

Other users might prefer to use e-wallets instead. E-wallets are perfect for mobile users as in recent years their apps and service have been improved to work well on your mobile. You can manage your money and then quickly make secure deposits and withdrawals into your casino using just your login info and your mobile phone. E-wallets differ from actual online banking however since they are an online wallet where you store money independently from your bank account.

Trustly’s goal is to bridge the gap between these two services and create a true mobile banking platform which gives players all the benefits of the simplicity of using their bank account, with the mobile friendliness and ease of e-wallet payments. Trustly allows its users to add their bank account details to its service. You can add as many bank account details as you want to its service and more and more banks are becoming usable with the service as the days go by.

When Trustly customers deposit using Trustly, they can now select any of their bank accounts from one single application, without having to add every single on of their bank accounts to their casino. Your deposits are now quicker than ever and much safer as none of your banking information is hosted directly on the casino’s servers. Because everything can be accessed on your mobile, you can now make bank transactions with the ease of an e-wallet transaction, except now you’re taking the money straight from your bank account with no middle man.

And there’s no need to worry about security, since your login is tied directly to your phone, so your details can’t be accessed remotely. Only you, the holder of your mobile phone, can access any of your bank account details and authorise any payments with Trustly. This is achieved by only allowing you to login using a security key.

Instead of a password, which can be guessed and used on any device, a security key will randomly generate a 6 digit code, which is then texted to your phone. Once you receive this security key, you have 30 seconds to enter it before it becomes defunct and can no longer be used to access Trustly. It’s the safest way to login to a mobile application, which makes Trustly one of the safest ways for you to make a payment at your casino.


Depositing With Trustly At Your Mobile Casino

trustly gamingTrustly is a deposit only payment method and allows you to make quick and safe deposits straight from your bank accounts into your casino wallet. Each casino will have its own unique way of making a Trustly deposit, but in general, it’ll look a lot like this:

  1. Go to the depositing page of your mobile casino
  2. Select Trustly as your depositing method
  3. Login to your Trustly account using a security key
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  5. Select the bank account you wish to deduct the payment from
  6. Confirm the payment

Once you’ve confirmed the payment you should be ready to go. As Trustly is designed to function on the mobile platform, you’ll receive a helpful SMS receipt which will confirm the payment and allow you to keep all your Trustly transaction history in one single place.


The Best Trustly Casinos For You To Play At

If you want to get going with Trustly ASAP, then these are the top three casinos which you should aim to play at if you want to specifically use the Trustly depositing service as your primary payment method.

GoWin Casino

gowin casino mobile friendlyGoWin Casino is a Nektan Casino, which means its designed from the ground up to be perfectly optimised for use on a mobile phone. If you like to gamble on the go, then GoWin Casino is built specifically to offer you a site, complete with games and promotions, which are made to be played on your mobile phone.

If you combine all of these unique mobile features with a mobile friendly payment method like Trustly, and you have a formidable combination that’s sure to deliver you one of the finest mobile casino experiences around.

Use The Trustly Banking Method At GoWin Casino!

Leo Vegas Casino

Leo Vegas Casino is one of the largest casinos out there, boasting nearly a thousand games, a welcome bonus worth over a grand, plus a hundred extra spins thrown in on top of that. After you’re through its doors and you’ve received your welcome bonus, you then have daily promotions and bonuses to look forward to, which will make sure that you never regret your decision to deposit with Leo Vegas.

To polish it all off, Leo Vegas Casino has even made its depositing a highlight by providing Trustly as one of its many depositing methods, so you can start your time at Leo Vegas knowing that you’re banking is in safe hands, so you can focus on more important things.

Head Straight To Leo Vegas Casino!

Kerching! Casino

Kerching! Casino is a masterclass of mobile casino design. Kerching! provides players with some of the biggest game releases each month from major slot studios like NetEnt, NextGen, IGT and Elk Studios. Players can enjoy a range of casino games which covers slots, progressive jackpot slots, table games and even live casino games.

Kerching! also keeps players on their toes by delivering three weekly promotions that refresh every month so you’ve always got an all new extra spin or deposit match bonus to look forward to. The cost of all of this can of course be covered using the Trustly banking method, so you can get started with no hiccups to your play time.

Play At Kerching! Casino Now!