mobile deposit casinoMobile depositing is among the safest depositing method that there is. Every other kind of depositing method has one major flaw, in that they can be accessed remotely. As long as someone has your e-wallet password or your card details, they can make payments to your casino and anywhere else, using those simple details. However, mobile phone bill depositing is different. Even though you only require your mobile number to action the payment, authorising the final payment requires you to have your phone on you and therefore action the payment yourself.

Whilst mobile phone bill depositing is about as safe as you can get, the casino that hosts it has a few more areas of concern, when it comes to security. With so many casinos out there, which respect the security and safety of their customers, no one should be playing at an unsafe mobile deposit casino. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to look for to determine that your casino is safe, so if you see any red flags, you can get out there as soon as possible.


UKGC Regulated

ukgc uk gambling commission logoThe first red flag you should always look out for whenever you sign up to a casino, is where it is regulated. Since 2015, all casinos that operate in the UK legally have to be regulated by the UKGC. That means that casinos that UK players can play at, are now accountable to UK laws and regulation.

For any customer of a casino, this should be a clear win. Before this change, a casino had no reason to pay a customer any of their winnings if they won. Now under UKGC regulation, players have a third party independent to go to and solve any issues that they’re having with the casino.

As the UKGC continue to regulate the industry, customers are continuing to benefit in numerous ways. One of the most recent changes the UKGC made to casinos, is how they store customers’ money. Prior to 2016, casinos would bundle a customer’s cash from their casino wallet, with the assets that the casino owned. This was a problem for several reasons, since it allowed casino’s to launder customer money, but the major issue was that if a casino went out of business, a customer’s money would also disappear.

UKGC regulation has made it so even if a casino goes under, the customer’s money is still safe and they can withdraw their cash. So wherever you decide to bet, always check for the UKGC symbol at the bottom of a mobile deposit casino’s homepage, so you know that you’re protected.


Industry Standard SSL Encryption

encryptionWith so many of our lives taking place online, from our banking, to our gaming and our socialising, good encryption is more important than ever to keep you safe. Any mobile deposit casino that cares about its customers will have industry standard SSL encryption built into its casino.

You may not understand precisely what that is, but effectively, it’s the encryption which is standard for everything from casinos, to banks and online accounts.

Looking in the footer of the casino homepage is always a great first stop. Casinos will usually state whether or not they have SSL encryption in their information at the bottom of their front page. If there’s no mention of it, then checking if the casino is UKGC regulated is a good next step, since any UKGC regulated casino, must be encrypted to a satisfactory level, before it’s able to operate within the UK. So take the extra time to check and you could save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.


Check For Reputable Premium SMS Carriers

boku payforitThe mobile phone bill depositing industry is an incredibly safe and well regulated one. There are three major independent organisations, which handle regulation of the mobile payments. Those three groups include: AIME (an industry trade association), Ofcom (independent regulator for UK communications industry) and PhonepayPlus (organisations that regulate phone-paid services in the UK).

The moral of the story should be pretty clear. Mobile phone bill depositing is a safe payment method to use. However, as with all payment methods, you should always aim to look for the big names in the industry.

In much the same way that e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller have earned a reputation for being trustworthy e-wallets, there are also many premium SMS carriers who are trusted to carry out mobile payments reliably and quickly.

The names to look out for include: Boku, Payforit and Pay By Phone. Outside of that, you’ll may often simply see the phrase, “pay by mobile”. This phrase usually indicates that the casino is using its own in-house mobile payment system. This is still absolutely fine, but double check the other areas of the casino that we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this list, to see if they’re a reliable casino that will respect your transaction.


Check How Much Information They’re Asking For

personal informationThe big positive of what makes mobile depositing so user friendly is the lack of details it requires in order to complete a payment. As long as you know your mobile phone number and are in possession of your mobile phone, your payment can go through quickly and safely, without the need for long bank card digits or trying to remember your e-wallet login details.

When you sign up for your casino account, you’ll be asked to fill in the regular details such as your name, address and age. These details are required to verify that you are 18 and can legally use the casino, which is a fair compromise.

However, one place where you will not be asked for any further information other than your mobile phone number, is when you’re making a mobile phone bill deposit. If at any point during the process, you are asked to enter a name or your address, then you are not mobile depositing and you should end the process as soon as possible.

In a similar vein, a casino which asks you to enter a card number in order to sign up, is probably not the mobile deposit casino it was advertised to be. There’s nothing inherently suspicious about this, as many casinos ask you to enter card details in order to receive your welcome bonus or unlock your account. However, if you’re there to mobile deposit, then there’s a lot of other options out there which are far more mobile deposit friendly and only require you to mobile deposit in order to use them.


User Reviews

user reviewsIf all else fails and you can’t tell whether or not you like the look of a mobile deposit casino, then one of your options should always be hearing from those who have been there. Whether it’s reviews from review site like ours, or just fellow gamblers who have tried out the casino before you, there’s always something to be gained from someone else’s experience.

Of course, if you find that all the major players are involved in the mobile deposit casino, which can include the regulators, fraud protection and phone carriers, then it’s more than likely that everything else should be absolutely fine. But, don’t forget that reviews are there to give you that added piece of information that it sometimes isn’t worth the risk finding out for yourself.