mobile slotsOnline and mobile slots just seem to be getting better and better. As new slots keep coming out, developers have to keep coming up with fresh ideas to stop players falling into apathy. The large number of slots which arrive on the casinos and are quickly forgotten is a testament to how picky players are.

They don’t need yet another slot that’s just some reels, a few wilds and a extra spins bonus round; they need more to keep them around. It takes a lot to become a big name in the slots world and the pressure is on to stay at the top once you get there.

So to celebrate the slot developers who pull off the impossible and manage to get us hyped for each one of their new releases, these are the top five mobile slot developers working today.


Quickspin Mobile Developers

quickspin logoThe name Quickspin will immediately jump out to anyone who’s ever visited a casino. Quickspin are well loved for producing imaginative slots with a great sense of humour. One thing Quickspin do excellently is market their games such as Spinions and Wild Chase, producing small skits and adverts to build up the hype for each release.

And when their games do release, it all ends up being worth the time and effort, since you’re always rewarded with a unique and fun slot at the end of it all. Quickspin have experimented with every aspect of the slot, playing with the idea of wild re-spins, random bonus rounds and stacking multipliers, to produce a lineup of slots which literally has everything you could ever want.

One of the most appreciated aspect of Quickspin slots, is that they all use exactly the same betting and wagering system. That way, whenever you fire up an all new Quickspin slot, whatever the gameplay might be, you’ll have no trouble navigating their interface and betting stress free. It’s inventive gameplay and a care for the customer’s user experience which put Quickspin head and shoulders above the rest.

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Elk Studios Slot Developers

elk studios logoElk Studios are probably the most casual when it comes to their release schedule, from all the other developers on this list. Whilst every other slot maker is focused on cranking out a new slot game at least once a month, Elk Studios have the philosophy that when it’s done, is when it’s done.

Good things take time and Elk Studios have proven that they understand that wisdom better than anyone, by producing a line of exceptional slot games. The visuals of every Elk Studios game are top of pile, only being matched by very few developers working today — just look at games such as the fabulous Taco Brothers!

Every Elk Studios game feels refined, looks great and always comes packed with entertaining bonus features. Elk Studios don’t necessarily make the most original slot games ever, but they focus on making each addition to their game as entertaining as it could possibly be. Every spin is an adrenaline rush on an Elk Studio’s slot, so you’ll be so taken in by the excitement of their games, that you won’t notice the time passing, until their next great release hits the casino front.

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Play’n Go Mobile Developers

playn go logoPlay’n Go hold a strange place on this list. Their slots all hold the hallmarks of an extremely talented slot developer. Their games are flashy, they’re fun, and while they don’t innovate with every single one of their releases, there’s always a good reason to play a Play’n Go Slot.

Play’n Go have certainly done their part in innovating the slot’s industry, having basically brought the grid slot into prominence. Play’n Go are an influential developer who have set trends in the industry. If you’ve played slots at a casino, you’ve probably played something that’s been inspired by a Play’n Go release.

The strange part is that Play’n Go are nowhere as prolific as you would expect and we wouldn’t surprised if you couldn’t name one of their games off the top of your head. But you’re doing yourself a disservice by not heading out and giving the Play’n Go library a go. Play’n Go may not be well known, but they’re on this list for the sheer quality of their games and not their popularity.

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Yggdrasil Mobile Developers

yggdrasil-gaming-logoYggdrasil has had a steady climb to the top spot, but after years of putting out a stream of incredible games, they’ve found their way into our top 5 list. Yggdrasil slots have been relatively low profile until this point, with Yggdrasil only just receiving a UK licence in 2016.

Since then, they’ve pulled out all the stops and have been making agreements with big name casinos left and right, slowly coming to the attention of a larger audience. Yggdrasil have gone the way of Elk Studios, taking their time on each of slot games, to make sure they only produce the most unique games with every release.

Each one of Yggdrasil’s slots, such as Big Blox and Golden Fish Tank, has a never before seen feature which completely changes the way we’ve come to think of what a slot can be. Yggdrasil also have their own promotional platform built into their slots, so they can host their own promotions directly to their slots.

Even if you’re playing at a casino which isn’t hosting a Yggdrasil promotion, by checking Yggdrasil’s own website, you can find out if there’s still something extra to win on their slot games. Yggdrasil are a slot developer which give more to players, both in terms of gameplay and the payouts they can earn every time they play one of their games.

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NetEnt Mobile Slot Developers

netent-logo-featureNetEnt are the kings of the slot world. Not only do they produce slots which come out on a monthly schedule, but each one of their games has a unique feature or idea which has never been done before. We genuinely have no idea how they pull it off!

They match the visual style and originality of Elk Studios, they match the originality of Yggdrasil and they pull off the same clean customer experience tricks that Quickspin are so good at. Our rule for enjoying your time at a casino is simple, if there’s a selection of NetEnt slots at that casino, you’ll have a good time.

In fact, we love NetEnt so much, we would go so far as to suggest not playing at a casino if it doesn’t support NetEnt slots. They’re that good, that you’d be robbing yourself not trying them out.

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