We’re delighted you want to find out how to use mobile phone billing – it’s simply one of the best, most secure and simple ways to deposit when you’re playing at mobile casinos! If you haven’t gotten in on this banking method yet, it’s pretty safe to say you’ve been missing out, as there are no transaction fees or waiting times for the money to reach your casino account.

Hands down the biggest pro of mobile depositing is that its so convenient. Your phone is most likely on you at all times and the joy of playing video slots at casinos is that you can do it wherever you are. When you run out of funds to do so, you can simply use mobile phone billing to top up within a minute (or less!) and be playing again. What’s more, there are no accounts to register for and set up, no long numbers for extra layers of security or encrypted captchas to fill out – hate those!

That’s not to say phone deposits aren’t secure. Actually, it’s one of the safest depositing methods as you need your mobile phone to confirm a deposit, so no one can steal your password or card number digitally. Yet, don’t forget there are some cons too, most notably the limited daily payment sum. However, when you realise that depositing that daily £30 comes to a total of £900 in any given month, it’s bound to cover most people’s gambling needs.

We could go on and on listing all the pros of this banking type. In fact, if you’ve been around MobileSlots4U for a while, you’ll know that we can hardly contain ourselves when it comes to explaining how to use mobile phone billing. However, we believe that telling you how great mobile phone billing is worth very little than actually demonstrating how easy it is to use.

So without further ado, here are the three steps to make a so-called SMS deposit. All you need to begin with is a phone number (even a landline will do, although the three specific steps will then differ) and your favourite mobile casino that accepts mobile phone billing.

First, click on the Pay By Mobile icon in the cashier section of your casino menu and you’ll be taken through to a screen to select an amount that you wish to deposit. This sum ranges from as little as £3, £5 to £10 and a maximum of £30 per day. Once you’re happy with the amount, enter your mobile number and click ‘continue.’

Second, you’ll get a security text message sent to the mobile phone that you’ve indicated. It will ask for you to confirm if you wish to proceed with the payment. That’s usually as simple as texting back a single letter to the phone number indicated.

Last, you’ll get a confirmation screen pop up on the casino site, letting you know that your deposit was successful. The cash will be added to your account immediately and the full sum will be available to you to play with – no fees and no frills. See, we told you it was super easy!