Mr Spin is the latest InTouch mobile exclusive casino to launch and yet it's already making a name for itself in the mobile casino community. Every month players can head over to Mr Spin and they'll find an all new exclusive mobile slot, which is developed in-house and is only available at Mr Spin Casino.

With each one of their games packed with bonus rounds and with free money as a welcome bonus, players need an easy way to deposit at Mr Spin and get involved in Mr Spin's amazing community as soon as possible. That's why we're here to offer players a quick guide of how to mobile deposit, so they can start playing at this mobile casino ASAP.



You can watch our entire library of videos and depositing guides by heading over to the official MS4U Youtube channel.  Click below to read how you can deposit using your mobile phone at Mr Spin Casino, or click the purple button below in order to head straight to Mr Spin Casino and start depositing and playing their amazing exclusive slots right now.

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How To Mobile Deposit At Mr Spin Casino

First, you should head over to Mr Spin’s main site at and download the game of your choice from their games library. Mr Spin’s games can only be played on mobile and as part of an app, so they must be downloaded to your phone in order to play them. You can then make deposits through each of the game apps.

When you select a game on their site, you’ll be asked to type in your mobile phone number. Once you type in your number, you’ll be sent a text message, which will contain a link to download the game itself.

Once the game has installed on your phone, you can then open the app and will be presented with several options. In order to deposit, head over to the “Banking” section and you will be prompted to either register or log in to your Mr Spin account.

Mr Spin Mobile Casino LogoOnce you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the “Banking” section, where you should select the “deposit” option, followed by the “pay by phone bill” depositing option. You’ll then be given a choice of 3 amounts you can deposit. Players can deposit from as little as £3, £5 or £10.

Once you’ve selected your depositing amount, you then just need to hit the deposit button and after a short loading time, your payment will be complete. Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive a text from Mr Spin confirming your payment has gone through. This will act as your receipt.

You’ve now officially topped up your casino wallet. Now all you have to do is head back to the Mr Spin game app and select “Play Now For Real Money” in order to start betting real money wagers. Alternatively, you can download another game from Mr Spin’s site and still play with your deposit if you log into the same account.

Play At Mr Spin Casino Right Now!