BGO Casino LogoIt’s every online and mobile slots player’s dream; watching all the right symbols fall into place and realising that you’ve landed the progressive jackpot. The sums of money available in progressive jackpots are more often than not life-changing, and the players who win them often have other things on their mind than keeping gambling. However, one lucky woman playing at BGO Casino refused to follow this trend, and instead kept on playing after winning one progressive jackpot, only to land another one straight after!

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The First Win

Playing at her favourite casino – BGO Casino – the unnamed player who stumbled into this lucky position decided to have a couple of spins on one of her regular slots — IGT’s MegaJackpots Star Lanterns Slot. Now, this game has only been around since the early part of this year, but owing to its membership of the MegaJackpots series, it’s already boasting jackpots well into the millions.

And so it was that on the fateful day, and after just two spins on £20 wagers, this astronomically lucky player was able to bag her first amazing jackpot of £1.3 million. This isn’t the kind of win that comes around just any day, and she realised how lucky she had been to win it. She’s reported as having commented after this first win that a progressive jackpot win like this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for players.


The Second Win

MegaJackpots Star Lanterns LogoWhile many of us might just take out £1.3 million and head for sunny climes, this player had a feeling that her luck wasn’t quite over yet, so returned back to BGO Casino for another spin on the same game — MegaJackpots Star Lanterns Slot. Well, low and behold, the gods were smiling on her as she watched the slot announce once again – just two weeks after her initial million pound plus win – that she had once again landed the progressive jackpot.

The second jackpot was considerably smaller, coming in at far less than half the value of the original one. The poor, unfortunate player had to settle with a second jackpot of just £627,000, because some thoughtless player had already cleaned out the jackpot pool just a couple of weeks before. Oh wait… that was her.


What Are the Odds?

While many of you may be thinking in an abstract sense ‘what are the odds of this happening?’ we can actually help you out there and tell you. This is gambling after all, and everything to do with gambling is based around hard set numbers and odds. For instance, the chances each player has of winning the lottery each week is 1 in 100,000,000. That seems like a lot, until you realise that this lucky player at BGO has beaten odds of a whopping 625,000,000 to one in order to win these two consecutive jackpots.

While we’re happy to share this news and like to see it as a sign that anyone can win progressive jackpots, that should come with the understanding that it’s highly, highly unlikely to duplicate this woman’s success and win twice!

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