Hot Slot Win PaylinesThere are all kinds of online and mobile slots on the market these days, each designed to appeal to the varying tastes of players demanding all kinds of different features. One aspect of modern slots which can change the way we interact with games is the number of paylines playable on any given games.

While some slots keep it traditional with only one, two or three win lines, some of the more modern and innovative video slots pack hundreds if not thousands of paylines onto their reels. So what’s better: simpler games with fewer paylines or mega-slots with loads? Let’s compare the relative pros and cons of each!


Reasons Why More Is Better

More Winning Opportunities?

Yep, that’s a question mark. The big reason touted about to convince you to play more paylines is that it offers more chances for you to win. While that math seems to work out (more paylines = more pay), does that logic really play out? Well yeah, you’re going to get more line wins the more lines you have in play, and that’s going to be a super exciting experience, but that definitely comes with the caveat that the value of each line win will be lower. Just something to bear in mind.

Compelling Graphics

Now, it tends to be the more high tech, highly animated, high feature slots that contain the most paylines, and as such on average (and we say this in full knowledge that there are some spectacular slots with fewer paylines) they look a whole bunch better than your average game. If a great looking slot is what you’re after, then you really can’t go far wrong with a high payline slot.

More Exciting Games

This is closely related to the last point, but different in a couple of important ways. Even if a high payline game doesn’t look all that great (but particularly if it does), you’re still guaranteed a thrill ride. With line wins coming left, right and centre, sometimes you’ll find yourself losing track of what’s going on, with dozens of wins popping up every minute. For some players, this is the epitome of what they’re after in mobile slots.


Reasons Why Fewer Is Better

Keep Track of Your Play

So, having just said it can be fun to totally lose track of a game as the wins come rolling in, we should probably also present the inverse of that – the fact that some players really like to know what’s going on at any step of the way when playing online and mobile slots. With fewer paylines, it’s much easier to know where your wins are coming from, where your money is going, and generally just to keep better track of your game as a whole.

More Winning Opportunities?

Hey, so while people seem to take it as a given that more lines means better wins, we’d like to point out that many lower payline slots actually have higher RTP rates than their high payline counterparts. It’s not actually the number of paylines that affects how MUCH you win, so you could just as well be better off playing with fewer lines than more.

Stay Classic

Classic SlotNow this argument is totally to do with your attitude towards slots, and might arguably be a generational divide. There are many players – who tend to be on the slots purist end of the spectrum – who think that more paylines doesn’t make a proper slot, and that keeping things traditional with fewer lines keeps more true to where slots came from originally. If you think like this, then it’s unlikely we’re going to convince you to play more lines with a single post on our blog.



Guess what we worked out in our research into this topic? Yup, it’s that classic story you always get with slots: it’s all about personal preference. Honestly, when it comes down to it, it’s the RTP rate and volatility of a slot that governs the amount it pays out, and the more paylines you have, the lower value your per-line payouts are going to be. That’s pretty much the only practical difference. Everything else is just aesthetic, and just depends on how you feel about slots layouts. More or fewer – you take your pick!