Mistakes Being ErasedWhen you first start gambling online, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. We’re not going to judge you for it — we’re all only human after all. However, if you’re still finding yourself in precarious situations even after a few months playing at online casinos, then you need to seriously consider what it is you’re doing wrong.

Playing at an online casino is incredibly fun, yet it’s also very risky and so should be approached with caution. To be a successful online gambler you also need a level-head and a good bout of common sense. In today’s guide we’re going to look at some of the most common mistakes online gamblers make. These range from rookie errors to things you may not even realise you’re doing wrong, but luckily we’re going to show you how to avoid making these mistakes ever again too!


1. Not Reading The Terms And Conditions

Agreed Terms and Conditions One of the biggest mistakes any casino player can make is to not treat terms and conditions with the respect they deserve. We know, they’re a pain to read as they’re always incredibly long and they’re also always deliberately full of obscure language. However, fail to read a casino’s terms and conditions carefully, and you could find yourself in a sticky situation down the line.

Casino terms and conditions are where important policy is stated, whether that’s to do with withdrawals, bonuses or registration. Furthermore, the T&C’s will be home to some of the casino’s more questionable stances, as operators are aware of the unlikelihood of their players actually reading them before clicking agree. This means that when you think you’ve been treated unjustly, they can point back to the terms and conditions, and your complaint will become invalid.

Essentially, you should always know what you’re getting yourself into before agreeing to anything. Luckily, this mistake is usually restrained to casino newbies, as once you’ve been stung by terms and conditions, you learn your lesson pretty fast!


2. Choosing A Rogue Casino

Risks SignFollowing on from the last mistake, another huge problem many players encounter is that they’ve chosen to play at a ‘rogue’ casino. A rogue casino is one that cannot be trusted, and may not even be legal.

There are certain red flags you can look out for when choosing a casino, which include a casino not having the right license for your jurisdiction, not having audited games (or fake slots at that), and not having a ‘https’ URL. You can read our guide on how to spot a dodgy casino here.

Playing at, and therefore depositing at, a rogue casino is a detrimental mistake, as it means you’re putting your money at risk. Always check that a casino has the proper documentation and read reviews of the site first.


3. Not Knowing Which Payment Methods Are Accepted

casino banking optionsWe understand that sometimes you can get swept away when signing up to a new and exciting casino. You may have been drawn in by the promise of a great welcome bonus, or access to a exclusive slot, and soon enough you’ve registered without knowing much about the site itself.

Whilst this can lead to huge mistakes like joining a dodgy casino, as mentioned above, it can also lead to smaller yet still highly inconvenient mistakes. One of the most annoying things for any gambler is to have signed up to a casino, only to find out afterwards it doesn’t allow deposits via your favourite payment method.

It’s, quite simply, just a waste of your time as you either then have to abandon the casino after entering all of your personal details, or you need to spend further time choosing and setting up a new payment method account. In general, a casino will display it’s accepted payment methods either on a dedicated banking page or within the terms and conditions. If you can’t see them, contact customer services before you register.


4. Not Fully Understanding The Game

Figure Question Mark in RedWe’re not trying to dissuade anyone from trying out a new game, but one of the most common mistakes online casino players make is to play a game they don’t fully understand, with real money.  Of course, it’s the spending of money that’s the worst bit about this mistake as, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’re almost certainly going to lose it. You can avoid this mistake easily by simply playing the game in demo mode before starting to wager real cash.

Furthermore, doing some research about the game you’re going to play is vital. For instance, if you’re wanting to try out playing blackjack, having never played it before, reading a simply strategy would massively increase your chances at being successful. Similarly, learning about things like return to player rates, volatility and paylines is important if you want to start playing slots.


5. Spending More Than You Can Afford

Debt Catching Up on YouSpending more that you can afford to is a sure fire way to get yourself into trouble when playing at an online casino. Whether you’re a player on a budget or a high roller, you should never be depositing beyond your means. This means making sure that you have paid for everything you need to in life, like bills, rent etc., before you fund your casino account.

Furthermore, it means never borrowing money in order to gamble, if you know you won’t be able to pay it back. This applies to anything as seemingly harmless as asking your mate to lend you a few quid, to something more sinister such as racking up credit card debts to fund your casino habit.

The reasons for never spending more that you can afford are pretty obvious: gambling is a very uncertain hobby. You never know if you’re going to win or lose that day, and whilst this is part of the beauty of visiting the casino, if you’re playing with borrowed money it can turn into a very dicey situation, very quickly.