Boku Mobile offers players a fast and secure way to make mobile payments at their casinos. The service is one of the simplest around, asking players to enter their mobile number and that's about it. The amount you want to deposit is then charged to your mobile phone bill as if you've made a phone call, so your payment is instant and private.

However, nothing's perfect and things can still go wrong with the Boku service every now and again. In this video guide, we'll be taking a look at the technical issues that can hit you when you pay by phone and how you can resolve any Boku Mobile issues that come your way.

If you head over to the MS4U Youtube channel, then you can find a range of guides and recommendations. These cover everything from how to deposit using your mobile phone, all the way to what the best no deposit bonuses are. If you want to try out Boku Mobile right now, then why not head over to GoWin Casino where you can deposit using Boku right away.

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How To Fix Most Problems: Check Your Signal And Wifi If It’s Not Going Through

This might sound like an obvious starting point, but in the heat of frustration, it can slip a lot of players minds to check out whether or not their wifi or signal is actually working. If your signal looks low then why not roam a little to get a few bars, or check if your wifi is still working by opening a new tab.


Alternatively, Try Turning It Off And On Again

A classic piece of sage advice for dealing with any computer problem. If you’re finding no luck with receiving a message from Boku, then why not reset your mobile and see if that solves the problem.


Or You Can Play The Waiting Game

If your messages aren’t coming through from Boku, the one thing you shouldn’t do is keep redoing the process. All that ends up doing is making Boku SMSs stack up on your phone, with each new SMS from Boku cancelling the previous payment, causing a traffic jam of messages.

The best thing to do is wait for full 10 minutes, at which point Boku payments become void and will cancel. After this break, you can then try again, starting from scratch.


What To Do If Mobile Network Provider Is Blocking Premium SMS Messages

Many mobile network providers will block premium SMS messages in order to stop their customers from unwittingly running up a huge bill. If you’ve never used Boku on your mobile before and it’s not working, then the best way to fix the issue is to call your network provider and ask them to allow premium SMS messages to your mobile. Simple as that.


How To Resume And Start A New Transaction

When you see the “Do You Want To Resume” page, when making a Boku deposit, it basically means that you have another transaction that is still pending. Boku blocks you from setting up a new transaction during this time, as it wants to be sure you don’t get double charged.

If you want to make a new transaction, then click on the “Start A New Transaction” option instead. This will take you to a new window, cancelling all previous transactions and allowing you to start afresh.

Alternatively, if you want to start a new transaction, then you can head over to your Boku Account, select your country, enter your mobile and then receive a pin to enter. You’ll then end up at your pending transactions screen, where you can either delete any pending transactions, or resume them to continue your payment.


Worst Case Scenario: The “Sorry, We Can’t Process Your Payment” Screen

There is such thing as a no win scenario and if you ever receive the warning message “Sorry We Can’t Process Your Payment,” then your mobile depositing days are done.

For whatever reason, this message means your mobile provider has blocked your number from being able to use Boku. All you can do is call your mobile network provider and find out what the issue is, with the aim of hopefully discussing the problem to a resolution.