quickspin achievements engineFans of Quickspin have two pieces of good news this week. Firstly, Quickspin has released its all new Wins of Fortune slot, which is adding to its collection of HTML5 slots. The slot itself can be played at casinos which host Quickspin slot games, like LeoVegas Casino. But on top of that, anyone who plays on Wins of Fortune, will be able to enjoy the all-new Achievements Engine.

It gives players additional objectives and tasks to complete whilst playing achievement supported Quickspin slot games and earn extra cash in the process. Wins of Fortune is the first slot built with the Achievements Engine, with upcoming releases like Sticky Bandit, also supporting the new feature. It is unknown whether Quickspin will retroactively add the feature to their old releases.

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Wins Of Fortune Slots Comes With Achievements

wins of fortune slotWins of Fortune is yet another solid release to the Quickspin library, having reviewed well by critics and featuring some impressive bonus features. Wins of Fortune’s main mechanic is that it offers players a free re-spin on any win. The balance to these free re-spins is that you only get a re-spin on a single reel the first time around.

If you manage to get another win straight away, the number of reels will increase by one, so you will then get to spin two reels on the next re-spin. This continues on as long as you combo wins, until you get a “super re-spin”, which grants players a full free re-spin of the entire 5×5 reels of the slot.

But it’s the new Achievements Engine which is the star of the show. Quickspin’s Achievements Engine allows for players to be awarded Quickspin tokens, whenever they complete one of the six new unique game events which are built into the slot. Achievements will start off occurring at random, but after players have activated a few achievement events, they will then be able to activate further achievements by spending Quickspin tokens. These tokens can be cashed in for real money, or players can instead risk their tokens on unlocking further achievements.

The achievements that trigger within the slot can be anything from rewarding players for triggering a extra spins bonus round, all the way to rewarding a player for getting 3 wins in a row. The concept behind the Achievements Engine is that Quickspin can update slots with new achievements whenever they want and therefore add a whole extra level of gameplay which is dynamic and kept updated. Achievements can come across four levels, with higher levels having a harder difficulty to achieve and costing more Quickspin tokens to unlock, but in turn, paying out much higher rewards.


Quickspin Continue To Expand Their Platform

Quickspin LogoIn recent years, there has been a movement within slot development studios to host promotions exclusively on their own slots, without the requirement of a casino. NetEnt have already made strides in this area, frequently hosting big prize giveaways on its slot games, which are available regardless of the casino that a player is using. IGT have done similar events with their Mega Jackpot series of progressive jackpots. Quickspin is now launching its own version of this feature, adding in its own currency and achievements into its new slot releases.

Chief Executive of Quickspin, Daniel Lindberg, initially introduced the new title and achievements feature: “Wins of Fortune promises to be another blockbuster title, with its Asian fantasy theme sure to resonate with players and with the super re-spin mode promising big wins.

The game also features our newly-launched Achievements Engine, a ground-breaking gamification module that has already proved to be very popular with players.” The Achievements Engine has been confirmed to be in use for upcoming releases, with no say on whether or not old titles will receive a similar update.

Play Quickspin Achievements And Slots At Leo Vegas Casino!