If you have read our PocketFruity review, you’ll know that one of the most original features they have is the ability to earn Fruity Coins the more you play, which can then be used to unlock new and exciting games on the site. This is something that no other site has tried before and we think it’s a really exciting development, as sometimes winning money isn’t the only challenge you want when you are playing mobile slots! It’s also nice to see a site innovating a little bit for once!

Because this is such a new concept, it might confuse some people, so we have decided to take a comprehensive look at the system and let you know all about it. So, we’ll look at how you earn coins, how you spend them and even how many you have to earn to unlock each game! Anyway, enough of the waffling – let’s get on with the article and look at PocketFruity’s excellent Fruity Coins system, as we are sure that you are getting excited to hear all about it!

How Are They Earned?

Earning Fruity Coins is the first thing you’ll need to do, as without earning them, you won’t be able to spend them in the future! Don’t worry though, as you’ll have loads of fun while your coin bankroll builds up and up, so it isn’t a tough job!

Unlock Games with Fruity Coins

The first thing to mention is that you will receive 350 coins as soon as you sign up, which is a nice bonus to encourage you to keep playing – and also enough to buy a couple of new mobile slots as well. You’ll also have two games to play on as soon as you start – Grand Master Cash and Cash And Mouse – so you won’t get bored as you wait to unlock even more! As you play these games, you will earn coins as well, depending on how much you bet and, more importantly, how much you manage to win!

How Are They Spent?

grand master cash mobile slot from pocketfruityThe coins that you earn by playing are spent on new mobile slots from the site, meaning that the more you play, the more mobile slots you can unlock. To buy a new mobile slot, simply go on to the main menu and click on a game with a padlock over it, before then clicking on the “Buy Game!” button. You’ll then instantly gain access to this game!

The amount each game costs is displayed prominently on the individual game’s screen. They are all different prices, so you might have to buy the cheaper ones at first, before then working your way up to the most expensive game on the site, Count Ya Money. Below is a quick list of how much each game costs:

  • Grand Master Cash – Free when you sign-up
  • Cash And Mouse – Free when you sign-up
  • Snake Charm – 125 Fruity Coins
  • 777Heaven – 150 Fruity Coins
  • Lucky Charm – 150 Fruity Coins
  • Spaced Out – 150 Fruity Coins
  • Cop The Cash – 250 Fruity Coins
  • The Purse Of Tutankhamun – 500 Fruity Coins
  • Count Ya Money – 2000 Fruity Coins

Hopefully that’s explained Fruity Coins to you now, and you’ll be able to have more fun than ever on this great site. They also offer loads of great bonuses for all players as well, so you should head over there today and sign up – it won’t be long before you have bags of Fruity Coins in your account!

As PocketFruity is a relatively new site, they will probably keep adding new features over the next few months, so make sure you keep coming back here to see what they are up to – we’ll tell you about new bonuses, new games and any other developments, so that you’re the first to know! We think they will be competing with the big boys – such as LadyLuck’s – pretty soon!