Mobile gaming is one of the most exciting developments to have occurred with regards to the modern mobile phone. The latest mobile phones are genuine technological companions in a world where most of our transactions are done via the web – including much of our social world.

When many modern phone buyers select a phone they’ll select it for its ability as a portal to the world of gaming and multimedia, so it’s important to choose a device with an operating system which is a good platform for games.

The choice of operating system is a highly subjective debate with different phones having different credentials so the best way of choosing is to decipher which type of games it is that you like best. Many of us are keen on sports betting and their associated sites which also feature casino games such as Poker quite prevalently.

A game like Ladbrokes online Poker requires a good screen resolution, and primarily a sound internet connection for continuous live gameplay. The size of screen is perhaps less important in this scenario. You need to find which of your favourite sites caters for which operating system and decide from there.

Many online casino type games have excellent graphical capabilities and the gameplay is much more immersive than you might imagine. A few shots on Ladbrokes Mobile casino make this fact quite apparent. The ability to interact with fellow players and see the gameplay in all its glory require a good smartphone more than a good operating system.

More all-encompassing console type action games are better suited to phones with a bigger screen so Android tends to prevail here but that’s not to say systems like iOS and Windows don’t hold their own. The Apple app store is renowned and as Windows takes hold of the mobile phone world their gaming kudos can only grow alongside their implementation of the likes of Xbox live.