Casinomeister NextGen Slot LogoToday sees the relaunch of Casinomeister – a Cryptologic classic which first made its way to our screens way back in 2008 (the relative dark ages in terms of online and mobile casinos). The updated version of the game coming out today – and this time courtesy of NextGen Gaming – has a fresh new look and some tweaks around the edges, but best of all, it is now available to play on your mobile! We’ve taken a first look at the game, and we’re here to fill you in on what to expect from this unexpected update.

Why a new version?

Casinomeister seems to be an odd choice of a game to revisit after 6 years. While there’s no doubt it was popular and endured well through a good few years, the game is themed around the online casino forum, making it one of the weirdest choices of games to make in the first place (as well as one of the hardest to classify by theme), let alone to give a whole new lease of life now.

As for actually why NextGen decided to pick up the Casinomeister gauntlet is a bit of a mystery. Our best guess is that the game – which is low paying and without a massive jackpot – was always popular because of the frequent small wins and reliability of its payouts; it seems likely the NextGen figured that there’s a captive audience for that kind of game. Add fans of the original game to the mix and you’ve got a whole load of happy players right off the bat.

So what has changed?

Casinomeister ScreenshotObviously, the first thing you’ll notice about the reboot is the graphics. Back in 2008, HD computers, tablets and phones were just the wet dreams of computer geeks. NextGen obviously knew the best way to really wow fans of the original game was to tighten and brighten up the look of the game to make it sharp and appealing for the modern audience.

The older version of the game boasted 30 paylines, while this newer one has only 20! Why the reduction in the number of lines? Well, word on the street is that NextGen has rejigged the algorithm that decides when you win, thus making it easier for each individual line to be a winner. So to make sure casinos hosting the game don’t go bankrupt from it, they’ve had to reduce the number of lines available to win. While the chances of winning stay pretty much the same, the benefit for players is that with fewer lines, it’s actually cheaper to play for the same odd of winning a line.

We’re happy to report that the best feature of all from the original game has survived into the new one: the world famous Unlimited Extra Spins Round! While many extra spin features on games claim to be unlimited, these claims are usually based on the logic that you can retrigger extra spins from within the extra spins round. With Casinomeister, you genuinely can keep spinning forever, or until you see a Rogue symbol, which indicates that you only have 5 extra spins left. The Extra Spins feature on Casinomeiser gives even Microgaming (who we think have the best video slots features) a run for its money.

Casinomeister Paytable

Where to Play?

This 5 reel reboot can be found at lots of NextGen casinos. Our picks are JetBull, Casino Luck, and Vera and John. The oddly incongruous sci-fi theme and 80s rock guitar soundtrack might not be for everyone, but there’s clearly enough people into it for it to warrant a remake.

Let’s see if the NextGen version of Casinomeister is still remembered in 2020!