Black Widow Slot Game LogoDid you ever see the film The Addams Family Values? It’s the one where the kids go off to camp and Uncle Fester marries the hot blonde woman (played by the same actor who was the headmistress in School of Rock) who turns out to be a serial killer intent on murdering Fester and claiming the substantial inheritance. It’s a good film! Anyway, her serial killer nickname is ‘The Black Widow’, which leads me neatly on to the point of this whole story: playing the new Black Widow slot game at Sky Vegas this week could land you some hefty cash (unlike the Black Widow in the film who dies… I think the baby somehow manages to kill her…).There’s up to 500 prizes on offer in this killer promotion (sorry).


To celebrate the release of the new Black Widow slot game at Sky Vegas, the casino has arranged a £15,000 prize pot to be shared by 500 lucky players – the sharing will be as follows:


  • 20 lots of £100
  • 30 lots of £75
  • 100 lots of £50
  • 150 lots of £25
  • 200 lots of £10

You only have until the 31st August to accumulate tickets for the raffle, and the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning one of the 500 cash prizes. So, I suppose you’ll want to know who you have to kill to get hold of tickets. Luckily, no laws need to be broken or even bent to allow you to get entries to the draw – all you need to do is play on the Black Widow slot! For each and every £10 you wager on the slot, you’ll be awarded one ticket. Obviously you can wager the same tenner over and over if you win, so this doesn’t mean it’ll cost you a bundle. It’s all designed to get people playing the new slot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t win one (or more) of the prizes.


Sky Vegas Mobile Casino LogoThe slot itself is an International Gaming Technology (IGT) creation, which rather than asking you to chase a pot of gold down a rainbow or hunt for lost Aztec gold, takes you on a whole other kind of gold digging quest, as player kill off their spouses and claim the insurance/inheritance. Because of the premise of the game, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time with very little return, and then suddenly enjoy a generous income when you hit the right symbols (i.e. kill off your partner). If you ever make it to the extra spins round, you can enjoy a whopping 1000x multiplier, which means there’s cash to be had even if you don’t win as part of this promotion.


You’ll find out if you’re a lucky winner on 1st September, so keep an eye out. If you’re already a member of Sky Vegas then you need to head over and get spinning; if you’re not a member yet, there’s still time to sign up and play as part of this promotion. Also, watch The Addams Family Values if you haven’t yet – it may be two decades old, but it’s an absolute gem.


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