#myXmas Promotion at Probability CasinosThere’s a gang of Probability casinos which get frequently get together to offer huge promotions that none of them alone could afford to bring to its players. As part of the #myXmas promotion, LadyLucks, Moobile Games, Very Vegas and Elite Mobile Casino have transformed themselves into friendly elves for the Christmas season, and are offering a huge selection of goodies, including the a star prize of a holiday in the Canary Islands. It’s really no wonder that Probability is among the UK’s favourite developers.

The festivities started at these casinos on the 1st of December, but for some reason known only to them, they only started publicising them today! Never fear though, there’s still plenty of time for you to claim all the gifts and bonuses you’ve got coming to you, and you really do have a lot coming.Probability #MyXmas Promotion

The Holiday

This is the overarching promotion which encapsulates all the others within it. Running all through December up until Christmas day, the casinos are offering you the chance to get yourself away from the miserable cold weather at home, and towards the tropical sun of the Canary Islands. The holiday is all inclusive, and is designed to treat you and your entire family.

To win the holiday, you need to win a prize draw at the end of the month, and to get your name into the draw, you need to take part in one of the other three elements of the #myXmas promotion – Gift Tree, Snowman’s Surprise and Elf on the Shelf – each of which have their own chances for you to win even more prizes.

The Gift Tree

No Christmas is complete without a tree brimming with presents, and from now until the 10th December, that’s exactly what you’ll find at these Probability casinos. Every day there’s a gift card to be won worth up to £200 to spend on all kind of goodies for yourself. To get yourself into the daily draws, all you need to do is wager £10 on any game. If you wager £10 on any of these days, you’ll also get your first entry into the Canary Islands draw. Head to LadyLucks now to take part.

Snowman’s Surprise

Taking us from the 11th December to the 20th December, the Snowman’s Surprise segment of the #myXmas promotion is probably the one I’m most excited about. There are five gifts that these Probability casinos reckon are the most sought after for Christmas this year, and they’ve got hold of two lots of each. However, they haven’t actually announce what they are yet *cough cough iPhone 6 cough cough*. There are two draws, and between them, 10 lucky players will be rewarded with surprise gifts.

Wagering £10 between the 11th and 15th December gains you entry into the first draw, and wagering £10 between the 16th and 20th December gains you entry to the second. Entering either of these draws also get you an entry into the Canary Islands holiday draw!  Head to Elite now to take part.

Elf on the Shelf

The last part of the #myXmas promotion, and your last chance to land yourself an entry into the draw for the Canary Islands holiday is held between the 21st December and 25th December. This part of the promotion guarantees a reward for everyone. Wagering £15 on Reindeer Readies during this promotion will make you eligible to win one of 15 lots of £200 in prizes. However, if you’re not lucky to win the top prize, you will still be rewarded with a free bonus, and of course, entry into to the draw for the Canary Islands Holiday. Head to Very Vegas now to take part.

Good luck, and merry Christmas.