Have you ever wondered which device is better? Sure you have. You’re impressed by the multi-functionality of a mobile phone, but not so impressed by its battery life. You love the iPad’s innovation, but can’t fit it in your bag. The pros and cons of both mobile phones and tablets are obvious, and people tend to have their preference for their general use. But which one is best to use for mobile slots? This may be a unique angle, but it’s worth considering. After all, phones and tablets can be quite an investment. And if you’re a regular online gambler who plays a lot of mobile slots, you have to think about which investment will be your money’s worth.


The Phone

Everyone’s got one. You can make calls, listen to music and check Facebook all from the same place. It’s undeniable that the mobile phone has come a long way in the past decade and they keep getting better all the time. But how do they fare playing mobile slots?


  • Fits in your pocket — The best thing about a phone is that it fits inside your pocket at all times. So if you fancy just playing some mobile slots for a couple of minutes, you can just bring it out and away you go.
  • Multi-functional — Every phone these days is pretty much a miniaturized computer. You can play a slot after checking Facebook and hop between the two as much as you like.
  • Discreetspace-katz-mobile-slot-mfortune-gameplay-iphone-hand — Because of the above, a phone can be used to disguise what you’re doing quite effectively. Want to disguise the fact you’re playing a slot from a nosy relative? Simply pretend that you’re texting.
  • Mobile deposits — You can use SMS billing from a phone quite effectively and all you need is your mobile provider. It doesn’t even require an internet connection!


  • Shorter battery life — Because of the phone’s smaller battery size, you’re more likely to experience a sudden loss of power in the middle of a game, forcing you to be more conservative with how often you play.
  • Smaller screen — Sometimes our fingers slip. Sometimes the screen’s just not big enough. It happens all the time when we’re texting. So you may have to be extra careful with the buttons on the screen in case you bet more than you wanted to.
  • Calls — A call in the middle of a mobile slot game can be extremely irritating, especially if you’re on a winning streak.


The Tablet

Whether you think they’re over-glorified and overpriced computers with a touchscreen or think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, there’s no doubt that tablets are now widespread and used daily. They can perform a multitude of tasks and are massively convenient. But is it any good to use for mobile slots?


  • Unibet Gambling on TabletPortable — Carry a tablet wherever you go and enjoy it without having to rely too much on a power source. It’s easier than carrying a laptop.
  • Multi-functional — Like a phone, you can perform several tasks all at once on a tablet. The only thing you can’t do is text or phone people. But maybe less distraction means more time for mobile slots!
  • Performance — Because it’s bigger, a tablet can perform better than a phone with a larger processor and view screen for a full-on HD experience.


  • Not so discreet — This one should be obvious, really. You’re less likely to be looked over playing on a tablet than you are on a phone because everyone knows that you can only check your emails. But then, maybe that could be your cover-up!
  • Too big — Although it’s certainly more portable than an actual PC, the tablet is a little too big to be truly portable. You’ll need a shoulder bag at least in order to carry it around with you and that gives it less places to hide for potential muggers. Of course, you could just carry it everywhere but then you’ll look like a prat.
  • Not universal — Despite their widespread use, not everybody has a tablet at their disposal. Considering their price range, that’s hardly surprising. But that might be because not everyone needs one like they do a mobile phone.



conclusionSo, after considering the pros and cons of both devices, which one comes out on top? Which one should you invest in to get the proper mobile slot experience? Well, even though the tablet has greater performance, more room on the hard drive and can be carried around, we think a mobile phone would be the wiser choice.

Not only can you use mobile depositing as a method for payment, you can also use it for so many other things that a tablet can’t do. Plus everyone has one. So yay for the phone!