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It’s undeniable that the way forward for making deposits at a mobile casino is through mobile billing. There are already quite a few services which provide this, Boku being the prime (and rather stellar) example along with Zimpler. However, there are others out there and Payforit is one of them. But how does it work? Isn’t it just the same as any other mobile billing service? Well, we’re here today to explain the mechanics of Payforit and how it stands out from the other mobile depositing services.


What Is Payforit?

payforit phoneLet’s start at the very beginning. What is Payforit? Basically, you can use it to purchase online digital content and services. These include things like videos, games, applications and even allows you to make donations and enter competitions all from your mobile phone. It’s like PayPal only you don’t need an internet connection or even need your bank.

Among its services, Payforit also helps when making a deposit at a mobile casino. Simply look for the Payforit logo on the finance page of your casino and follow the instructions on how to use it. It is quick, easy and incredibly simple. It is also far accessible to those who do not have e-wallet accounts such as Neteller or Skrill.

All you need is a mobile phone number and a working phone. That is literally all it takes to be able to use Payforit. It is available to use on all mobile networks.


How Does It Work?

payforit exchange pizza hutMaking a deposit with Payforit it takes only a few clicks. Simply select the service in your mobile casino’s banking page and follow the instructions. It will ask you to provide your mobile number and a confirmation text will land in your inbox just to make sure you’re the one making the payment. Once you have confirmed your deposit, you’re good to go!

You can use Payforit on 3G or 4G but it is also available to use on WiFi. All it takes is for you to have a Pay As You Go or a Monthly Phone Bill plan with your network provider. If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, simply take the amount you’ve topped our phone up with.

If you’re pay for your phone plan on a monthly basis, simply add it to your bill. Usually there’s a £30 limit of how much you can deposit so be sure to use it wisely.


Where Can I find it?

Mr Spin Mobile Casino All Games iPhoneMany mobile casinos do mobile billing so many of them elicit the services of Payforit. You can find the symbol under their ‘banking’ pages and can access the info usually by clicking on said symbol.

And in case you’re worried about receiving extra, unwanted texts — not to worry! Payforit it will only send you an SMS message that in necessary to your purchase. Payforit is built for everyone to use and it sticks to that goal spectacularly.