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Making mobile deposits can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it's your first time doing so. You're already apprehensive about sharing your details online — to do it for a mobile casino may make you doubt whether it's entirely secure. This anxiety leaves players prone to mistakes which can leave them short of cash or, worse, completely broke. These mistakes apply to most methods of depositing, if not all.

Hopefully, SMS billing eliminates most of these issues. However, we have listed the most common mistakes players make while making a mobile deposit. If you wish to avoid them, we highly recommend reading. 

1) Making a Double Deposit

frustrated failure penny big bang theoryWe all make mistakes but making mistakes while putting down mobile deposits are the most frustrating things of all and are best avoided. Making a double deposit is when you accidentally send double the amount than you originally intended to.

This doesn't always have to be your fault. There could be glitch with the mobile casino and your deposit may look like it hasn't gone through. But when you check your bank account four days later and discover that you don't have the money for that tuna sweetcorn sandwich because your first attempt at a mobile deposit was successful after all… it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Our advice is make sure that your money hasn't gone through before you make another. That way you won't be short changed.

2) Entering Incorrect Details

Mobile Phone With Padlock

You may be wondering how this can be possible. How can you not know yourself enough to enter incorrect details? Well, human beings aren't perfect — we remember things wrong, completely forget other things and sometimes we obtain incorrect information in the first place. All it takes is for one to move house to enter the incorrect postcode. All it takes for you to enter the wrong name is to get married.

So be careful when entering your details into a new ewallet or sending them to your mobile casino. After all, you don't want to be accused of fraud and locked out of your account if something goes wrong. So when filling out your details, take it slowly and double-check what you have filled out. Mobile deposits do not have to be a stressful experience.

3) Leaving Details Lying Around

computer hackerThis one should be fairly obvious but if you create a password of any kind or write down the answer to your security questions on a piece of paper, you increase the chances of being hacked, and trust us — you don't want that to happen!

If you have terrible memory, then we might understand why you might have to write your details down. But if you must, store the piece of paper in a safe place that nobody can find. Don't just leave them lying on your desk or in your drawer where anyone can access it. You never know who might be lurking around.

4) Reaching Your Deposit Limit Too Soon

Mobile deposits all have a
Hand Offering Free Money Poundslimit and most are around £30. Some players are caught unawares by this but usually never make the mistake of exceeding the limit again. There are those, however, who just can't help themselves and make the mistake of going over their deposit limit repeatedly.

If you want to adjust your deposit limit, try contacting your mobile casino or switching to another deposit method. But the deposit limit exist for a reason, mostly to prevent problem gambling. And if you keep using up what money you can spend, it eats into more gambling time that you could have saved for later. Restraint is always best.