pay by phonePay By Phone is one of the primary ways for players to make mobile deposits at their casinos. Like many other pay by phone services, such as Boku and Payforit, Pay By Phone allows players to deposit at their mobile casinos by charging the cost to their mobile phone bill.

Any payments you make to your casino will appear on your phone bill as if you've made a phone call of the equivalent cost. All of this can be done in a few simple clicks, meaning that your deposits are quick, safe and private.

But Pay By Phone actually makes the process even faster than either of its competitors do, by handling its payments in an entirely unique way, which ties your mobile phone directly to your casino. Let's take a look at how this all works and give you a quick tutorial of how to casino deposit using Pay By Phone.

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How Pay By Phone Is Different To Boku And Payforit

boku payforitMobile depositing is traditionally thought to occur one way. When players select a mobile depositing method like Boku or Payforit, they will enter their mobile number and then enter the amount they wish to deposit. They will then receive an SMS message which gives them another chance to confirm the payment is correct.

With Boku, players will have to respond to the SMS with “Y”, after which the payment will go through. Alternatively, Payforit customers will have to grab a 6 digit code from their SMS and then enter it at the casino, after which the payment is confirmed and completes.

Pay By Phone removes the need for entering your mobile phone number, or requiring a confirmation SMS. This makes Pay By Phone the fastest way to depositing using your mobile phone bill, since it cuts out a lot of extra steps that you have to make whilst paying. You don't need to enter your mobile number and you don't need to switch over to your messaging app. Pay By Phone only requires you to enter one single 4 digit code every time you log in and then you're done. So how does Pay By Phone cut all these extra steps whilst keeping you safe and secure?

When you sign up with a mobile casino, you always have to enter in your mobile number. This is the case with every single mobile casino you sign up with and there's no instance where you won't have to do this. Pay By Phone elegantly accepts this initial sign up with your mobile phone number as you signing up for Pay By Phone depositing. When you receive your SMS confirmation that you've set up your casino account, you also receive a 4 digit Pay By Phone validation code, which you can use if you're interested in using Pay By Phone depositing.

pay by phone mobile depositThis 4 digit code acts like a password effectively. When you go to deposit with Pay By Phone, you simply select the amount you wish to deposit, along with your 4 digit code and then you're done. You'll immediately receive an SMS receipt confirming the payment and the charge will be added to your end of the month mobile phone bill.

Players still get all the security of mobile phone bill depositing, since each code is unique to your mobile number and is saved to your mobile, but it only requires one single click to complete each transaction. Pay By Phone depositing removes the multiple confirmation steps and app switching which other mobile depositing payment services use and works more like an e-wallet or card payment does.

However, you still get all the security benefits of mobile phone bill depositing, with the added bonus of paying directly from your mobile phone bill.


How To Mobile Deposit Using Pay By Phone

Depositing by Pay By Phone is as simple as making a few clicks and filling in a 4 digit code, which cuts how long it takes to make a deposit using Pay By Phone when compared to other mobile depositing methods. Here's how you can make quick and easy Pay By Phone deposits at your mobile casino:

  • When you sign up with a mobile casino which uses Pay By Phone, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number as part of your sign up details.
  • Once you are signed up you will be sent an SMS containing a 4 digit Pay By Phone validation number.
  • Sign in to your casino and head to the deposit screen.
  • Select Pay By Phone mobile depositing as your selected depositing method.
  • You must then enter the amount you wish to deposit, followed by your Pay By Phone validation number, as well as any promotional codes you might have.
  • Hit confirm to authorise the payment.
  • With that one simple click, you’ve now deposited and are free to play at your mobile casino.

receipt pay by phoneMaking a casino payment using Pay By Phone is as simple as that. There's no responding to SMS messages or entering unique codes every time. Instead, whenever you want to make a deposit, simply select Pay By Phone as your preferred method, select the amount you wish to deposit, followed by your 4 digit validation code.

Once you click confirm you've then deposited to your casino and are free to play all your favourite games. You can enjoy Pay By Phone depositing at great Progress Play casinos like Fable Casino. Why not try it for yourself today!?

Deposit At Fable Casino Using Pay By Phone Today!