Dragonz Super Big WinDo you remember your first day playing a mobile slot? What about scoring your first big win, which was a little short of £10? That doesn’t really look like a big win after you get it a few dozen times more.

I remember my own excitement when I came out having twice as much than what I started with. I felt like I just won a mega jackpot. But when you start with just a few pounds in the first place, it’s not a big win, right?

The thing is that everyone will give you a different answer as to how big of a payment will count as a ‘big win.' Some players will even say that it depends on each slot. A highly volatile mobile slot pays huge compared to a low roller’s slot, but even a £100 win might not be considered as big in this context. So, what is a big win and how do you know whether that score you landed yesterday is worth bragging about?


Big Win According To The Slots

Nine Lives Super Big WinMost mobile slots will let you know when you land a big win even before your spin is over. That is, the counter that shows your winning will often indicate if it has passed the mark of ‘big win’, ‘huge win’, ‘mega win’ or even the ‘turbo-ultra-extreme-phenomenal-win.’ That’s part of every video game and I’ve nothing against it, but it’s there to make you feel achieved and successful, not to objectively evaluate your winning.

There’s one thing that such indicators do just right, though. It’s that they consider the score as a big win based on the times it surpasses the bet. Not all of them count it like this, but those that do are probably more accurate. This means that if you win £200 from a £50 bet it won’t come as a big win, but it totally will if your wager was only 50p in the first place.

So, what’s the ratio that counts as a big win? Some games will suggest 20x, while others will consider no less than 50x your bet as a big win. I’d stick with the latter case. Landing a £20 win from a £1 bet isn’t a huge achievement. Every seasoned mobile slot player has done it many times, so only brag about it if you want to come off as a rookie!


Depends On The Mobile Slot’s Variance

mobile-slot-varianceEach mobile slot is different and it pays differently. Some slots score very often, but the winnings are usually very low. If you’re playing a low variance slot like CopyCats, a £50 score might feel like a huge win because it’s so much more than the average payout.

It’s a whole different story if you’re playing Hong Kong Tower, where the payouts are scarce but big. Since most of them are going to be well over your bet size, it might take a huge win to actually make you feel like you’ve won something substantial. So, the context might be very important. A big win is always a big win, but high rollers who play highly volatile slots don’t consider £50 winnings as big unless they’re betting the bare minimum.


To Each Their Own

big win on mobile slotsLast but not least, a big win is highly dependent on the player. First, the size of your budget definitely affects what you consider a big win. If I cashed in £10 and walked out with £200 extra, I’d say this is a big win.

Even if I didn’t win it all in a single spin, the overall increase is just too massive not to mind. On the other hand, if I then used these recent winnings to further double them, an additional £200 wouldn’t feel like a big win anymore.

Another thing that might influence your judgement of the win size is experience. Once you start playing slots, you get used to winning more and more. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you win more often, but the second big win is always less exciting than the first one. That’s why different players will give different answers to this question.

Third, each player’s gambling habits also play a part. I for one am a low roller, so a £50 win is often a big one for me. I prefer low bets and never have too much money on my account, which means that such a win is always a very nice boost to my bankroll. People who love high risks will probably aim for more and this, naturally, increases the bar that sets a big win apart from just a mediocre one.

In the end, it’s entirely up to your mood. If the winning makes you feel accomplished, as if you were born under a lucky star, then have no doubt. This is your big win, even if others disagree. Scoring a few dozens of pounds on a mobile slot doesn’t sound like much and it definitely isn’t a ‘mega-epic-colossal-win’, but it’s more than the majority has won that day. Enjoy!