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Wild Play SuperBet — Intro

In my opinion, there are two types of slots players in this world: those who seek out adventure and those who come to relax. The first group of players ride the huge waves of winning and losing, waiting for the wave’s crest and the one moment of pure exhilaration.

The second group of players prefer to be swept up in the gentle lull of slots games, tender losses bolstered by cuddly wins. Neither gaming style is superior over the other — it’s just like deciding whether one’s a city gal over a country lover. Anyway, given the different risk profiles of both groups of players, the two groups end up playing very different games.

Wild Play Superbet sits firmly in the adventurous category. It’s an action-packed thriller, filled with endless Wild symbol sequences and sudden Extra Spin bonanzas. Add to that the innovative Superbet feature that allows you to toggle your wager size and enhance your odds! Max wins as high as 1,168 times your wager await. All systems are go; just strap in and enjoy the ride.

About Wild Play Superbet

At first glance, Wild Play Superbet has the makings of a pretty traditional slot. It has five reels and 40 paylines. The reels are also filled with traditional slot symbols—cherries, flaming sevens, watermelons and the like. However, once you spin those reels a couple of times, you’ll hear the roar of this modern gaming engine (or more accurately, the modern sequence of electronic sounds) and realize that it’s nowhere near basic.

Take the Stacked Wilds as an example. These vibrant symbols are programmed to rain down on your reels 2, 3 and 4. As Wild symbols do, they substitute any other symbol on the reels and complete winning paylines. Whenever these guys appear on the reels, you’re almost guaranteed to score at least a small little win. Each Wild symbol also comes along with a multiplier, which is applied to any winnings that the Wild symbol is part of.

The game accepts bets from 50p to £150 per spin. The return to player percentage varies from 95.6% to 97.5%, depending on your wager size. We’ll go into further detail on the different bet levels and payout percentages when we cover the Superbet feature below.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?

Wild Play Superbet is basically a classic fruit machine on steroids. The NextGen Gaming designers did not stray away from the typical symbols like the flaming seven, bell, diamond, watermelon and cherry. (Fun fact: the company has been designing slot games since the 1990s! It’s amazing how long this design as entertained humans. Really, there are not as many games that are as classic and evergreen as the fruit machine).

Of course, there is nothing dated about this game. It’s full of flashy electronic sounds, polished 3D animation and glorious beams of light tracing out the winning combinations that you’ve just unlocked. Wild Play Superbet literally puts on a show on your phone!

Speaking of mobile, this game is actually playable on all devices and platforms, be it your laptop, iPhone, Android phone or mobile tablet. The game runs within your Internet browser, so you don’t have to download the app. Just visit the online casino and find the title in the gaming lobby.

You can also take NextGen Gaming’s vast experience in gaming as a symbol of quality. They’ve nailed down the secret to creating a rewarding gaming session and they always ensure that their games are fair and random.

Game Features


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Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: SuperBet Bonus, Crystal Bonus!

Next comes the real kicker—the Superbet feature slapped onto the end of the slot’s name. This proprietary NextGen feature allows players to unlock better features by placing larger wagers. In Wild Play Superbet, you’ll control the size of the multiplier that is applied to the Wild symbols and hence, the size of your winnings.

The Superbet feature is actually inspired by video poker, which typically offers a greater top prize when players bet the maximum number of coins. The concept is so popular and exciting, so much so that the slots world decided to adapt it too. You’ll find the Superbet button on the left-hand side of the reels. There are four Superbet levels to choose from:

  • Base game: Play from 50p to £25 per spin and each wild is multiplied by 1x
  • Level 1: Play from  £1 to £50 per spin and each wild is multiplied by 2x
  • Level 2: Play from  £2 to £100 per spin and each wild is multiplied by 3x
  • Level 3: Play from  £2.50 to £120 per spin and each wild is multiplied by 4x
  • Level 4: Play from  £3 to £150 per spin and each wild is multiplied by 5x

In a nutshell, you can stake more and win more using Superbet. For example, the maximum prize in the base game is 588x your stake, but this doubles to 1,176 times on Level 4. Not only does the size of the prize change, the odds of winning improves too (this is also known as the return to player percentage or payout percentage).

In other words, you are more likely to win if you activate the Superbet, because the gaming algorithm is programmed in this way. The payout percentage ranges from 95.4% to 97.5% depending on the Superbet level that you’ve chosen.

The second feature in Wild Play Superbet is the Brilliant Crystal bonus. This is the scatter symbol: three of these will trigger 10 extra spins. The wild multiplier value also doubles during the extra spin feature. If you were playing at Level 4, you’d get a 10x multiplier for each wild symbol.

Imagine getting three wilds and multiplying your wins by 30x! The extra spins can also be re-triggered a second time if you get three more crystals, giving players a nice and juicy streak of 20 extra spins!

Wild Play SuperBet — What’s Great?

Instead of having to jump between various slot games to find the exact combination of risk and payouts you’re after, Wild Play Superbet lets you experiment different gaming styles within the same game. All the different payout percentages for each level is also clearly displayed in the paytable, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

This takes the inconvenience out of going through new games and checking their payout percentages before playing. Serious slot players can also systematically test your chances using all four bet levels and find the largest impact to your bankroll.

Another benefit is that Superbet helps you with your bankroll management. Instead of swapping to a lower-risk game when your gaming account runs low, you can simply toggle the Superbet feature and play at lower stakes. Conversely, players who are used to placing small wagers can test the waters with the assurance that larger prizes await.

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